Gas Wood Outdoor Fire Pit.

Outdoor Gas and Wood Burning Fire Pits.

Outdoor fire pits can be custom built to any size and design. Fire pits come ready to burn with various designs for burning at the center of a table, fully enclosed fire pits and bowls that can be cleaned or swapped. Custom fire pits can be built to your specifications in any size, shape and design to perfectly match your home and backyard decor.

Design Your Firepit and we'll build it for you custom fire pit ring burner and valve Build Your Firepit with these accessories
Nature Leaves Cut-Out

wood burning fire pit with leave design cut out
Tile Mosaic Fire Pit

tile mosaic tabke fire pit
Slate Top Firepit

Wood Burning Firepit
Aged Bronze Fire Pit

bronze wood burning fire pit
Aged Bronze Fire Pit

black aged bronze wood burning fire pit
Stars and Moon

5stars and moon wood burning fire pit bronze
Oiled Bronze Firepit

Bronze Swirl Fire Pit
Bronze Palm Trees Black Firehouse Firepit Large Black FireHouse Round FireHouse

Propane fireplaces and fire pits always have to have a pilot kit with a thermocouple and safety valve that is capable of automatically turning off the gas flow if the flames are out.

propane pilot assembly

Ring burners can be wide open inside but we get better flame patterns using multiple rings in the same burner. The biggest mistake people make is not getting a small enough burner. When the burner is too big the outer structure can be easily discolored and damaged.

propane pilot assembly

install replacement bbq grill burner on orifice on control valve

This is a custom fire pit built in Florida that we created using a RealFyre fite pit kit. The kit came with the control valve, ignition, pilot assembly, thermocouple and the burner with thre burner pan. These kits make it easier to build a safe custom fire pit because all the gas line safety features are already assembled. All we have to do is build a safe structure in accord with local laws -- and make it look awesome!