Wood Burning Fire Pit Has Stars And Moons Cut Out And Grilling Grate.

Wood burning fire is directly affected by the type of wood that is burning and the state of the wood burning. Wood that is moist with sap will pop and spit just as very green wood will create a lot of smoke. Fire house fire pits are designed to surround the fire with a fire screen to minimize the danger of a spark or hot sap being emitted from the fire pit. Fire pits with cut-out shapes make for interesting shapes on the lower shadows in the room as they also send enough air flow to keep the flames burning. As air moves through feeding the flames we experience better smells, better sounds and -- with the fire pit -- have the ability to add a couple of hamburgers and hot dogs to the sensory experience.

  • Wood Burning Fire Pit
  • Grilling Grate Included
  • Easy Assembly and Use.
  • Round 360 Warmth and View
  • Easy Access Loading and Tending Flames
  • Fire Screen Lifts On/Off.
  • Stars and Moon Cut Out Display
  • 26.75 Inches High Includes Screen
  • 29 Inches Diameter
  • Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year


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Please note the lower bowl on this wood burning fire pit. The lower bowl allows the fire to rest lower from the lip of the fire pit because this fire pit comes with a cooking grate that rests in the top lip of the fire pit. This allows us to add a couple of hot dogs or hamburgers to the wood burning fire pit while enjoying the lights and colors of the fire pit and the shadows that take on the appearance of stars and moons.

The cut out in the fire pit allows air flow which makes for better flame patterns and more flames from the wood logs used in the fire pit. When igniting a wood burning fire the kindling, paper, twigs, chips, chunks and eventually logs will need air flow the keep buring. In a windy area these cut outs will also pull smoke and heat which means the grilling grid on the fire pit must be used as a grill with the direct heat from the flmaes cooking the food.

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This fire pit does not have the stay-cool handle ring we have seen in other cut-out designed fire pits. However, it is easier to justify using this fire pit all year long because it ships with a round cooking grate that drops into the lip of the fire pit.

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With the deeper bowl and the cut out stars and moon the fire pit will burn bright and hot. Use the fire pit like a grill that maximizes heat at the grilling surface. A barbecue holds heat trapped inside a closed hood and this fire pit will not cook that way. As a fire pit that can also serve up some chicken breasts this is the easiest fire pit to justify for us here in Florida.

propane pilot assembly

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