Wood Burning Rectangular Outdoor Fire Pit.

Although not as simple as gas flames to turn on and off nothing compares to the sound and the smell of a wood burning fire. This Napa Style Fire pit is designed with forged iron framing that is both decorative and makes the fire pit convienent to move and cary when necessary. The rest of this fire pit is powder coated heavy-gauge steel made to last several years outdoors. Spark arrestor screen-top makes the wood-burning flames much safer than an uncovered fire pit because wood will often burn the inner moisture of the wood and emit sparks or hot sap as it burns.

napa wood burning fire pit

Napa Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Enjoy a Cozy Fire Any Time Of Year.
  • Heavy Guage, Powder Coated Steel
  • Decorative Wrought Iron Frame
  • Functional Grip for Cool Handling
  • 360 degrees of Warmth and View
  • 32W x 16H x 24D
  • Height with Mesh Cover: 24"H
  • Manufacturer Structure Warranty 5 Year

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The cast iron decorative frame work surrounding this fire pit can be used to move the fire pit without waiting for the metals to completely cool. The cast iron is twisted to add decor to the design. The frame work can also be used to set a table top on the fire pit when the fire pit is not is use. We have found that most of the people with these inexpensive fire pits will allow them to get dirty and rusty during the summer months if there is not a use for them. Make a table top to set on top of the frame work and the fire pit is a coffee table during the summer months when most people will not light a outdoor fire pit.

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Propane fire pits have to have a pilot kit with a thermocouple and safety valve that is capable of automatically turning off the gas flow if the flames are out. Although it is nice to light a fire pit with the push of a button there is nothing like the smell and sound of a wood burning fire.

propane pilot assembly

Ring burners in gas fire pits will send flames into a specific shape but wood burning firte pits can create flames as large, as hot and as long as we desire.

propane pilot assembly

A custom built fire pit like this one costs approximately $2500. The access doors alone cost $300. plus the gas fire pit safety kit, granite, ledge stone and the custom built structure adds up to a lot more money than any charcoal fire pit. However, this gas fire pit will last ten years without the need for any maintenance and will always ignite at the touch of a button. Unfortunately it will never fill the backyard with the sweet smell of burning wood.

long rectangular fire pit with flames and black fire glass