Wood Burning Fire Pit Finished Like Aged Oiled Bronze

Fire Pit finish has a black texture that looks great outdoors and the surrounding screen and top screen spark arrester makes the flames safe always. Wood burning fires flicker and move naturally to make interesting shadows and images from the light on this type of cut-out fire pit. There is also a ring handle surrounding the fire pit to make the entire structure easy to put away, move around the yard and even lay tools like a poker or tongs from.

  • Aged Oiled Bronze Finish Color
  • Beautiful Leaves on Vine Cut-out
  • Wrap-Around Stay-Cool(er) Support
  • Easy Loading and Tending
  • Easy Lift Safety Screen
  • Simple Clean-Up
  • Height Includes Screen
  • 30"Dia x 21 1/2"H
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year


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Wood burning fire pits with a ring handle like this one make it very simple to have a table top fabricated for use during the summer months. We used to stock teak table tops that were specifically designed for this kind of fire pit but we stopped as diameters kept changing. The ring handle acts as a table top support so the fire pit becomes a low table like a coffee table during the hotter months or whenever the fire pit is not burning.

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Nothing puts off the smell of burning wood as sweetly as a wood burning fire pit. The lights, colors, cut-out shapes and smells affect an entire neighborhood when we are using the wood burning fire pits.

propane pilot assembly

Although gas is a lot easier to get burning and turn off when we're done the cut out design on this fire pit gives the flame a supportive draft when the flames are just beginning so the flame is easier to get burning strong enough to add large logs.

propane pilot assembly
Wood Burning Portable Fire Pit

By comparison, this gas fire pit is approximately four feet long and costs the hose owner three thousnad dollars. The set of thirty inch 304 stainless steel American made access doors alone costs three hundred dollars.

four foot long gas fire pit built on site