Blackened Bronze Square Cut Out Wood Burning Fire Pit

Nothing smells and looks as amazing as a wood burning fire pit. The fact is that most of our customers will buy a gas fire pit ofr ten-times the cost because it is so easy to use, clean and decorate a gas fire place. The flames and the heat are proscribed to specified areas with gas. Wood burns at its own pace and can be difficult to light or stay lit. These cut-out style fire pits make it easier to build a fire, burn wood and keeo the fire pit burning because the cut out designs allow for additional air-flow that feeds oxygen the the flames. Other fire pits make it difficult to keep a fire burning because there is no air flow inside the pit.

wood burning portable fire pit
  • Textured Finish for Outdoor Designs.
  • Easy Assembly and Set-up
  • Openings for ventilation and ignition
  • Safe spark arrestor all Around Fire Bowl
  • 360 degree fire view
  • 21 inches high with Spark Arrestor Screen
  • 32 inch diameter
  • Stay-Cool Handle Support.
  • Warranty: Limited One Year


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As mentioned above the grids are great pragmatic vents for igniting and continuing the burn wood in this tyoe of fire pit. Pragmatically it is a good design and the safety-screen limits any popping and sparks and hot ash that can lift in the air when burning wood. However, the grates are designed to create shadows, light and color on walls and the floor while the flames flicker and move across burning wood to add ambiance to any outdoor room. This kind of fire pit design not only adds the smell and the sound of burning wood but the top-light makes different lighting than the bottom cut-outs so there are different textures of movement all over the area.

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If so inclined the stay-cool ring handle on this fire pit can also be used to support a table top during the summer months when we do not use a wood burning fore pit very often. The ring surrounds the fire pit opening slightly above the lip of the fire pit.

propane pilot assembly

We have built tables from slats of concrete board or from wood with a support ring below the slats that matches the ring diameter of the stay-cool handle on the fire pit. This allows the fire pit to become a low chat table or coffee table during the times of year when the fire pit is not normally in use.

propane pilot assembly

install replacement bbq grill burner on orifice on control valve