Custom Gas Burning and Wood Fire Pits

Customize your yard with a ready-made design, customize a complete firepit yourself or contact us to build your design!

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custom gas firepit with built in grill island bbq This custom fire pit was built to match the built in bbq grill island. Both pieces were delivered to the customer together. The fire pit uses a Rasmussen Iron Works CS burner, which is perfect for alternative gas logs like glass, river rock shapes and the fire balls seen here. There is a 14 inch access door on one side to access the Propane tank.
custom gas firepit with built in grill island bbq Fire Pit tables can be customized with your choice of granite and size (within reason). The gas tank or connection is inside the firepit table base and the door is hidden in the texture of the design. The fire pit gas burner can be removed and an interchangable grill and ice bin is available. The hole in the granite can be replaced to make a solid table.
custom gas firepit with built in grill island bbq We custom manufacture wood and gas burning firepits in any size or shape. The finished product can be granite, tile, marble, stone or whatever the client desires. These two were built to burn wood and we fabricated two stainless steel pans. One pan acts as the firebox and the other can be switched out as an ice bin in the summer.
custom gas firepit with built in grill island bbq The same firepit design with a key valve for gas.
Custom firepits can be built to any size. This custom built in fire pit uses a fifty-four inch long gas fireplace burner from Rasmussen iron Works. The twenty pound LP tank is hidden inside the unit with a stainless steel access dorr.
custom gas firepit with built in grill island bbq Another customized firepit dining table. Custom granite top matches the outdoor kitchen. Pan burner covered with crushed red fire glass.

Not a Firepit

Sometimes a customer wants something that is not a firepit. Both of these custom built fireplaces use a vent free firebox and gas log set. They were each built as a compliment to a custom built outdoor kitchen. If a firepit does not work for your backyard, we can always find an option that allows you to incorporate a fire.
vent free outdoor fireplace marble vent free fireplace stainless steel

Vented Gas Log Fireplaces Vent-Free Gas Log Fireplaces

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