Mosaic Tile Table Fire Pit with Slate and Copper Accents.

Wood burning fire pits look great, smell great and are simple to use. Wood burning fire pit do not have the encumbered gas lines of gas fire pits and are simple to move around or put away during the summer months. However, a wood burning fire pit with a surrounding table that is also very attractive can be a part of our outdoor furniture all year long.

copper and tile mosaic table wood burning fire pit

Slate Top Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Enjoy a Cozy Fire Any Time Of Year.
  • Beautiful Slate Top Table
  • 360 degrees of Warmth and View
  • 34" Diameter, 59 lbs
  • 21 1/2" Height with Spark Guard
  • Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year


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Although designed as a fire pit we have also had clients who put in extra bowls so the fire bowl could be removed during the summer and replaced with a clean bowl for use with ice to leave drinks during social gatherings. The additional table around the fire pit makes it much more useful than a standard fire pit. Unfortunately the manufacturer of the fire pits does not make additional fire bowl available and these have to be custom fabricated. A heavy gauge stainless steel fire bowl will usually cost more than the original fire pit but by adding the bowl the fire pit is usefull all year long and will last ten-times longer.

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Wood burning fire pits do not have any electric or gas lines or batteries to worry about. Simply built a fire using rolls of paper or fire starters in the bottom of the bowl, sit back and enjoy.

propane pilot assembly

Over time gas fire pits have ring burners that will rust to pieces and cause safety probles. Wood burning fire pits really do not have any parts to replace so long as we keep the bottom bowl cleaned and dry when it is not burning.

propane pilot assembly

Since we're discussing alterations, we have also had clients who purchased a wood burning fire pit like this one just to get the fire bowl and structure with the intention of adding a ring burner to convert the fire pit to gas. This is usually a bad idea because the fire bowl does not have the ability to seal the gas line to force gas to flow up. With a load of fire glass or lava rocks on top of a ring burner the user must always be certain the path of least resistance is up. With liquid propane the vaporized gas is heavier than air and will flow down towards the hole in the bottom of the bowl if it is not ignited immediately.

gas fire pit