Wood Burning Palm Tree Fire Pit.

Cut-out wood burning fire pits are more reliable than a lot of fire pit designs because the cut-out designs in the structure allows air flow to the flames. Lighting a wood fire can be difficult if you are not using a incendiary device to get the logs burning or using a paper-wrapped decorative log. The cut out also adds flavor the fire pit because the light above the opening is different from the shadow-reflections shining through the pal tree cut outs in the bottom. Within the cut out there is protective screening so hot ash, sparks and popping moisture does not shoot out from the fire as is possible with most wood burning fires. Although all that popping and crackling sounds soothing it is not soothing when something that crackled lands on your leg. The top screen is easily removed with a metaal ring but be careful, it is hot.

wood burn black firepit with palm tree cut out

Palm Tree Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Enjoy a Cozy Fire Any Time Of Year.
  • Cut-Out Oxygen to Flame
  • Stay-Cool Ring Handle
  • Oiled Bronze Fire Pit
  • Functional Design for Handling
  • 360 degrees of Warmth and View
  • 33.5 Inches Diameter, 44 lbs
  • 25 1/4" Height with Spark Guard
  • Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
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The stay cool ring that surrounds the fire pit opening is designed to stay off the conducted heat of the inner fire box. This ring allows us to move and lift the fire pit without getting residual carbon all over our hands and clothes. The ring also allows us to move the fire pit without waiting for the metal to completely cool-down. Another thing we have done in the past is use this ring that is mounted to the structure slightly higher than the fire pit opening is use it to support a table-top during the warm months when the fire pit is not in use. All too often we see a fire pit sitting in someone's backyard looking neglected and filthy in the middle of the summer season. Instead of creating a eyesore with your fire pit it is possible to make a table top to rest on top of the fire pit so it is useful as outdoor furniture during the summer. The table top makes it attractive, useful and stops it from filling with garbage while not in use.

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Propane fire pit safety pilot kit. Wood burning fire pits are easy to move around because there is no gas line, electrocal line and no thermocouple, igniter or anything in the way of moving the structure. Wood burning flames are not as easy to ignite as gas fires though they do smell a lot better.

propane pilot assembly

With a fire pit ring burner the gas fireplace emits flames in a proscribed shape that is slightly naturalized by dumping lava rocks or glass on top of the ring. Wood burning fire pit flames will burn wherever there is fuel. Anywhere we place wood we can get a good flame with a palm tree cut away feeding oxygen to the fire.

propane pilot assembly

install replacement bbq grill burner on orifice on control valve