Swirl Design Cut-Out on Wood Burning Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits can be difficult to light and to stay burning but the cut-out design of fire pits like this swirl design make ignition much easier. Although the swirl cut pits are covered with fire safe screens that do not allow popping sap or sparks to be emitted from the fire pit these same openings allow air flow across the flames. Building a wood burning fire includes rolled paper or some incendiary devise covered with twigs, then small pieces of wook, chips of wood, wood chunks and eventually logs so the flames can be built up enough to ignite the logs. The openings in the sides around this fire pit are a part of the design that throws different textures and colors above and below the fire bowl but also allows oxygen to feed the fire and make much better flames.

swirl cut out wood burning fire pit with safety screen

Bronzed Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Enjoy a Cozy Fire Any Time Of Year.
  • Functional Grip for Cool Handling
  • 360 degrees of Warmth and View
  • 32" Diameter
  • 25 1/4" Height with Spark Guard
  • Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

Although a picture does not show the details this fire pit is not black. The aged bronze color is interpreted in many different shades and this fire pit is made to appear like an aged bronze that has been oiled to protect it from oxidation. The result is a finish that ranges from brown, through bold to a textured black.

The ring around the fire pit can be used to design a table top. This is not a mnaufacturer listed feature but we have created teak table tops for these fire pits in Florioda so our customers can use them during the summer months -- all 12 of our summer months.

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Gas fireplaces have designed realistic wood burning fire place kits that are dense ceramic with steel rod strengthening supports and hand painted to look more realistic

Part of the realistic design of gas fireplaces that mimick wood burning fire places and fire pits is the use of small lava rock granules, vermiculite and a product called ember-glow that illuminates brightly when heated by flames.

install replacement bbq grill burner on orifice on control valve

The biggest advantage to a gas fire pit is the ease of turning the fire pit on and off. The biggest draw-back is that a wood burning fire pit will produce smells and sounds that are inimitable. A wood fuel fire pit can be burning any time of year and create special shadows and light displays in the yard and sounds and smells that affect the entire neighborhood.