Vented and Ventless Gas Log Fireplace

Gas Fireplaces made to burn with ventilation and made to burn without a chimney installation.

Gas fireplaces provide more heat than a typical gas heater and add character to the decoration of a room. Vented and ventless gas logs have come a long way in recent years with amazing style and realistic decor. Dual fuel fireplaces use natural gas and liquid propane. Realistic electric fireplace decor and various fireplace valves like variable flames and wall switches.

vented and ventless gas log fireplace

Ventless Gas Fireplace

Ventless gas fireplaces are fully-functional fireplaces using the convenience and beauty of natural gas and liquid propane that operate safely indoors without a chimney or any form of ventilation. Unvented gas fireplaces have:

  • Oxygen Depletion Sensors - for safe breathing
  • Thermocouple - to determine heat
  • Limited BTU - to reduce unburned gas fumes
  • Specific patterns - to limit carbon in the gas

While the unvented gas log fireplace burner itself is more expensive than a vented gas fireplace the installation is much more economical with ventless gas fireplaces because there is no necessity to build through the walls of the home or through the roof for a chimney flue.

It used to be that ventless gas logs lost a lot of realism while being fitted with Oxygen Depletion Sensors, shedding BTU's and carrying around additional pilot sensors and thermocouples. The fixed pattern of the logs necessary for minimalizing carbon was something tolerated. Today, traditional gas logs look realistic enough to look twice. Hand painted logs with real wood charring and natural movement make for a fireplace as realistic as any wood burning fire.

Advances in modern fires have taken the ventless gas fireplace to amazing new decorative heights. Ventless glass, river rocks, geo-metric shapes and fire balls flaunt their not-wood status in a beautiful reinvention of the hearth as social space.

Ventless Gas Logs have never looked this attractive. Whether you're looking for the traditional logs of a comfortable hearth or the edgy contemporary design in broken glass, today is the perfect time to install a ventless gas log.

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Vented Gas Fireplace.

With a gas fireplace all the positive, decorative and beautiful features of a fireplace are accentuated without the difficulty of finding, buying and storing wood. There is no more stacking wood in a burnable pattern with kindling or awkward lighting cubes and clean-up of fine silty ash residue is gone. Gas log fireplaces are easy to light, they are easy to adjust with many control valve options and gas log fires are simple to turn off and do not need to be cleaned.

Vented gas fireplaces have no BTU limitation outsode the size of the fireplace burner. Control valves are available as simple as a manual valve operated like a gas grill and as convenient as flipping a wall switch. Valves can control flame height allowing smoldering embers to rise up into a roaring fire with enough heat to warm a room in the dead of winter at the puch f a button.

Vented gas logs use all the same structures of a wood-burning fireplace and offer the same benefit. A chimney and flue with a termination cap are necessary. With a gas or wood burning fireplace it is not necessary to purchase a firebox so long as the custom fireplace builder takes the sivze of the burner and the valve into consideration. Vented gas fireplace logs can be stacked in any pattern and re-stacked as often as necessary to create the flame patterns desired because any gas fumes are pulled through the chimney flue. A vented gas log fireplace can be burned differently every time you use it and be safe and effective all year.

Vented gas logs ship with faux embers that glow hot and pulse when heated. A large assortment of accessories are available to create a realistic flame more convenient and safer then wood. Twig kits, pine cones and dozens of whole logs, pieces of logs with realistic breaks and charred chips can be used to decorate the inside of the fireplace as desired.

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Adding a gas log to to a fireplace gives our home the beauty of a fireplace, warmth and light without the difficulty of stacking wood, storing wood or learning to properly build a fire to burn. The Alternative gas logs that are perfect for contemporary designs in modern decor homes are available vented or as ventless gas log fireplaces

measure your fireplace for gas log burner

When choosing a gas fireplace be certain to consider the size of the burner with the valve attached. Also be certain to leave room on the side opposite the valve so the burner and flames can be centered. If the valve is six-inches wide you need six inches on the opposite side in order to center the burner.

Realistic gas log fireplaces made to mimic the appearance of real wood are also available vented or as a vent free fireplace. Logs can be made from fire-resistant foam for a realistic look that is safe and economical. Most gas logs are made of steel re-enforced ceramic, like the Real Fyre models these are heavy, beautiful and nearly indestructable.

fireplace width and depth to amke certain vented or unvented gas fireplace burner fits
When choosing a gas fireplace burner and a firebox be certain to check the total height of the firebox. I have had clients purchase a firebox with a tall opening and the gas logs look too small. Also a smaller openng can make the fireplace look busy or stuffed into too small a fireplace.

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