Gas Log Fireplaces with Vented Chimney.

Gas fireplaces, often called "gas logs" are inserted in to a regular wood-burning fireplace for perfect fireplace flames every time. Logs and alternative shapes are molded to seem like exact wood logs and symetrically formed gas fire shapes. No more cutting, buying, loading and storing wood logs. Hand-painted gas logs light quickly every time with a push button control as simple to operate as any barbecue grill. Flames can be raised and lowered manually or with a remote control and fireplaces work consistenty for perfect heat and flame patterns. Select below for indoor/outdoor gas logs with traditional wood log sets or alternative fireplace fire effects without mimicking wood logs. If you need assistance:

Traditional Gas Log Fireplaces
vented fireplace gas log camp fire
Alternative Gas Log Design
vented gas log fire shape fireplace
Custom Outdoor Fireplaces
vented outdoor fire pit

Driftwood Fireplace

  • 24" Triple Burner
  • Standing Pilot
  • Variable Flame Remote
  • Hand Painted Amazing Detail
This unit ships with vermiculite to line the gas burner pan and spread the fireplace flame patterm. Glowing embers come standard for the red-hot glow of real wood. Standing pilot valve with variable flame means light it and forget it!! Simply push "on" and the flames start to climb, push "off" and they lower to off. Pilot sendors and thermocouple maintain safety with constant leak checks.
peterson real fyre driftwood gas log fireplace

Fire Ball Fireplace

Alternative fireplace designs are becoming more popular in contemporary homes with modern decor. Straight lines and clean face fireplaces and furniture compliment each other. Alternative fireplaces with crushed glass colors are highly reflective when flame filters through but the most popular alternative design is the stacked cannon ball designs with the CS burner shown here. Fire ball fireplaces have various diameters sizes and fire ball colors to decorate every home.

peterson real fyre driftwood gas log fireplace
peterson real fyre driftwood gas log fireplace
peterson real fyre driftwood gas log fireplace
peterson real fyre driftwood gas log fireplace
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