Solaire Infrared Gas Grill Models.

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Solaire infrared gas grills are among the best grills in the world. Combine the best cooking technology with outdoor quality 304 stainless steel manufacturing and you get amazing flavor for a lifetime of fun backyard grilling. Infrared heat "sear" your food, locking flavor where it belongs -- in the meat! Simple to use and easy to use grilling in a lot of fun and eating is amazing. Grill parts for Solaire infrared grills are available and are not difficult to replace. Infrared burners are able to be swapped out with convection blue flame burners easily.

We only stock the best quality and the best cooking technology. These grills are made to be outside for decades without the constant grill parts replacement necessary with other barbecues.


Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill.

The first practical infrared portable grill. At only 20 lbs light you can enjo the same succulent, flavorful food you grill at home everywhere you go. Perfect for picnics, RV's tailgating, boating or a balcony. Portable infrared grill comes with a heavy-duty shoulder bag that stores grill and 1 lb gas tanks. Accessories include balcony/boat rail clamp and tripod.
solaire infrared portable gas grill anywhere

Solaire InfraRed 27" Gas Grill.

The 27G infrared gas grill has two 24k BTU infrared burners capable of swapping either or both to convectional "blue-flame" burners allowing a range of cooking as low as a smoker or as hot as 1400 degrees. 27G has 473 square inches total cooking area. The smaller cooking area is more than compensated for in infrared grilling temperature. This small grill will be done cooking before most popular barbecues are hot enough to begin cooking.
solaire infrared 27 inch gas grill head built in

Solaire InfraRed 27" Deluxe Gas Grill.

Deluxe 27GXL infrared gas grill is deeper than the 27G model and has an optional rotisserie kit including an infrared back burner. This infrared grill model also has two interchangable burners and stainless steel V grates for maximizing moisture while grilling ove 1000 degrees.
Infrared 27GXL grill-head is available with the same pedestal base as the 27G and is also available with a square cart base shown in the grill image to the right.
deluxe infrared gas grill and rotisserie head built in

Solaire InfraRed 30" Gas Grill and Rotisserie.

Solaire Infrared 30" gas grill is available with or without an infrared rotisserie kit. Two of the same large 55k BTU infrared burners that cme with the 42" and 56" infrared grills are in the 30" and they are also interchangable with convection burners. Cooking surface has 703 square inches and is the perfact mid-sized infrared gas grill for residential use.

Price listed to the right includes infrared rotisserie kit.

infrared gas grill built in

Solaire Infrared 42" Gas Grill.

Solaire 42" infrared gas grill has three main burners at 82k BTU and is available with or without rotisserie kit. All three burners can be changed to convection barbeque burners. This is the most popular sized infrared grill for customers who will use an accessory with their infrared grill. A steamer, fryer, griddle, smoker and other accessories can use one burner leaving a lot of cooking space of grilling. Price shown for non-Rotisserie grill.
solaire 42 infrared grll

Solaire built-in double sideburner

Solaire infrared gas grill double side burner has twin sealed burners 17,000 BTU. Double side burner is available as a built in or as a cart-mount grill accessory replacing one shelf on the grill cart. Stainless steel construction, including heavy grates that can be replaced with a wok ring or a griddle make this accessory useful for stir fry, habachi frying and many other uses.
built in double side burner solaire

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