Barbeque Grills and Built In Grill Heads.

Built-In BBQ Grill-Heads for outdoor kitchen grill island construction and Cart Grills for portability are available from the highest quality barbeque manufacturers with the most reliable warranties in the industry.

We only stock the best quality and the best cooking technology. These grills are made to be outside for decades without the constant grill parts replacement necessary with other barbecues.

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InfraRed Gas Grills
The Best Grilling Technology! InfraRed gas grills go over a thousand degrees in seconds for a perfect sear everytime.

Solaire built in BBQ grills for outdoor kitchens and portable, cart-mount grills are built to perform in any climate. Perfect heat every time you cook.

built in bbq grill american outdoor American Outdoor Grills by R.H. Peterson are made of the finest Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel and features large cooking surfaces and high BTU grill burners.

Outstanding performance, durable construction and stylish design come together in bult in and portable models of American Outdoor Grills.
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FireMagic barbeque grills by R. H. Peterson as much variety as you could possibly need. Lifetime-Warranty high quality Firemagic BBQ grills available in several models of propane and natural gas, they are available in flavorful charcoal barbecue grills and even electric grills.

Cart grills and built in BBQ grills are available.

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  • FireMagic Built In Grills
  • FireMagic Grills on Carts
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