Custom Outdoor Kitchen Grill Island Built In On-site or delivered.

You can design Any outdoor kitchen you want and we will build it for you! For ten years we have been constructing outdoor kitchen grill islands and improving the backyards of clients all over South Florida. We work on the design with you at your home so we can go over your measurements, look at your space, find out what your needs will be and help you design the outdoor kitchen that is perfect for your space and your family.

You won't need a vacation when a Stay-Cation means you can stay home in your own private resort

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outdoor kitchen granite ledgestone design
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outdoor kitchen alfresco infrared built in grill
outdoor kitchen solaire infrared with backsplash
outdoor kitchen alfresco with caesar stone
outdoor kitchen splai face marble black granite alfresco infrared
outdoor kitchen wrap around with bar
outdoor kitchen and outdoor bar infrared with keg
outdoor kitchen aog built in grill
outdoor kitchen built in ocs granite ledge stone and bar
outdoor kitchen grill island aog 36 built in gas bbq grill
outdoor kitchen image with built in alfresco gas grill coral walls and dry stack ledge stone
outdoor kitchen solaire built in infrared gas grill
outdoor kitchen image marble, lights, aog 36 bbq
custom pizza oven with granite and chicago stone brick
Custom outdoor kitchen and bar
weber built in to outdoor kitchen have been custom building outdoor kitchens for ten years in South Florida. We build outdoor kitchen grill islands on site because on site construction allows us to properly build support for your outdoor kitchen regardless of how pitched your deck or curved your column. have always used all American made built-in BBQ grill heads, access doors, drawers and related built in grill accessories with 304 stainless steel for our outdoor kitchen construction. can built any design, any size outdoor kitchen, grill island and bar. We have worked with other subcontractors to run electricity for outdoor lighting, television, ice machines, refrigeration, running water and plumbing. There is no grill island design we cannot build to perfection.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!

At we started 10 years ago with masonry outdoor kitchens. When poured solid with tie-beam steel running through the structure this is a good quality barbeque grill island. However, it is very time consuming. Clients would often tolerate work at their home for four to five weeks. We changed over to poured concrete for awhile and formed every summer kitchen, every built in accessory opening. These grill islands were not as solid but just as time consuming.

Eventually we came to build our outdoor summer kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits with galvanized steel framing. This is similar to the galvanized steel in the walls of you home although the galvanized steel we use is much thicker and stronger than what is available at retail hardware stores.

Tested through the past 7 years of tropical storms, gales and hurricanes, this building design has been proven as solid as the best built masonry grill island. The grill islands we have built that needed repairs after a major hurricane in South Florida always needed repairs due to outside objects striking the grill island. A few broken tiles or a scratched bbq grill hood is the extent of the repairs. Moreover, the manufacturing process is so perfected that we have often been able to deliver a grill island in as little as four days! Browse the outdoor kitchens here and request more if you would like to see more of the summer kitchens we have built. The workmanship is beyond legal standards for a beautiful addition to every home.