Grill Master Replacement BBQ Grill Burners.

Grill Master is one of those brand names that has been owned by several different barbecue companies, fabricators and even retailers. Products are purchased for branding and get the name Grill Master but there is not much consistency from a single manufacturer. Charbroil has owned the name for a long time and used the brand to offer another version of some of their models or to sell in a retail outlet where Charbroil as a brand cannot be sold. Below are various burners and related supplies for the burners for dozens of different models of Grill Master barbecue through the years. Please check measurements and if you need assistance contact Majestic Grill Parts at . Which is also 954-2-GRILL-2.

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Repair Grill Master BBQ grill models with a replacement oval burner. Fifteen inch oval with two adjustable venturi for two control valves in barbeque.


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replacement oval burner repair grillmaster bbq

Stainless Steel Replacement Barbecue Grill Burner Fits Models By Grill Master Barbeques.

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double stainless ring style burner replacement for sunbeambbq grill models
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Replacement stainless steel nineteen inch oval burner repair GrillMaster BBQ grill models. Double venturi tubes, gaskets, hardware included for two valve model repairs.


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oval double burner adjustable repair

Repair BBQ Grill with stainless steel replacement burner in Grill Master BBQ. Off-set venturi attachment is Not centered and tube adjusts to lengths and bends as needed. Oval is fifteen inches long and has threads at opposite ends for mounting brackets holding burner level in barbeque.


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oval burner replacement to repair barbecue grill
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cast iron H shaped burner with 2 venturi tube attachemnt holes

Many barbecue grills fabricated Twenty Years ago have some kind of H shaped burner or an Oval burner shape in their past. Cast iron tends to be thick and heavy and the iron helps radiate and distribute heat better than any other material. However, depending on geographic location cast iron needs to be maintained and cleaned to keep the material free of corrosion.

oval burner with gasket and adjustable venturi

Stainless Steel Oval Burner with Gasket and Adjustable Venturi Tube. Oval and H Shaped burners often include mounting sections for brackets and for ignitor electrode installation with the burner.

ring burner with venturi tubes shaped like oval burner

Many H and Oval burners will have the ignitor electrodes attached to the burners. Even those that do not have electrodes built into the design will have the ability to attach the electrode and collector box to the venturi mounting plate.