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Infinity Gas BBQ Grill Schematic of Repair Parts in Exploded Views.

Although the manufacturer of Infinity Barbecue Grills went out of business years ago many outdoor kitchen clients have Infinity models permanently built in to kitchens which have appliances still occasionally needing repairs. Even though the original Infinity replacement parts are not available there are replacement burners, briquette trays, ignition electrodes and more parts to repair and keep Infinity models looking and grilling like new. If you need assistance, please contact us at Majestic Grill Parts.

Infinity bbq grill model inf30 schematic

INF-G30 Infinity Parts Schematic

This is the schematic of the INF-30 which is the Infinity thirty inch model barbecue grill. The INF-30 came with an infrared rotisserie burner and two center-fed U burners. The thirty inch model was the only model that did not have an infrared searing burner standard in the grill. The INF-30 has two blue-flame burners and two briquette tray radiants and the heavy stainless flat grilling grates.

Infinity 30 Parts Schematic

Click the link here to view this schematic with a listing of all the parts in the Infinity 30 inch model. This larger version of the parts-explosion schematic has a list of part descriptions even though a lot of the Infinity replacement grill parts are no longer available. We built in several Infinity models so we bought all the replacement parts the manufacturer had available and we have matched-up other replacement parts to fit these grills.

Model INF-G36 Infinity Grill.

The Infinity G36 model was thirty-six inches wide and had two blue flame convectional U burners and came standard with an infrared sear burner. The thirty-six inch models has internal lights and like all the Infinity mdoels this one also had microswitches on the control valves so gas ignition occurred automatically.

This exploded parts schematic shows all the various grill parts relative to where the would be installed in the Infinity G36 model.

Infinity 36 Parts Schematic

Click this link to look at a larger version of the Infinity parts explosion schematic and a list of all the various parts originally used in the 36 inch model. We also have lists of parts that will function as replacement parts for when the grill needs to be repaired.

Infinity bbq grill model inf36 schematic
close up detail of alfreso stainless steel briquette support tray

This is the replacement burner from the side showing the level design of the burner. Even though this is not the burner made to fit Infinity gas grill models the mounting bracket welded to the bottom of this burner is such a perfect fit for the Infinity mounting bar it seems to be designed as a prefect replacement.

The cross over tube installed perpendicular at the front of the burner also matches the original burner so extra gas is available just below the igniter electrode.

This image shows the original Infinity U burner next to the replacement burner and also shows the ignitor electrode with the collector bracket on the right burner and without the collector bracket on the left burner.

The replacement burner is a perfect fit and matches the space necessary for ignition and for the briquette tray installed above the burners. The replacement burner available here is American made 304 stainless steel which is as good as it gets for workmanship and outdoor materials.

both burners installed cold
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Stainless steel burner replacement fits Infinity barbecue grills. This is Not an Infinity burner but is a burner we have been using as a replacement in Infinity models.

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American Made 304 Stainless Steel Replacement Burner.


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stainless steel infinity grill burner
inner bbq grill firewall

This is the inside front wall of the Infinity gas grill without the burner installed. The burner mounts below the electrode and slides through the firewall to slide onto the orifice at the tip of the control valve. We can just see the tip of the orifice in this image.

control valve and orifice in to burner

With the replacement burner the center feed tube has to be able to install through the inner grill fire wall so the venturi tube slides on the the control valve orifice. We can see here the orifice installs into the air-adjustment shutter on the burner tube exactly as designed.

infinity gas bbq grill radiant briquette tray