Custom Grill Island with Solaire Built In Infrared Gas Grill.

Infrared gas grills are the pinnacle of cooking technology today.

Often the custom fabricated granite we use on outdoor kitchens is chosen because granite is so strong, so durable and requires so little maintenance. It is nice to see a custom outdoor kitchen with a slab of granite obviously chosen for its beauty. I also like the granite in the cubby holes because the cubbys make extra counter space more usable hidden from the wind where a stack of napkins can wait for use instead of flying all over the backyard.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image 11

Solaire infrared built in gas grills are useful for the obvious heat. These infrared gas grills can reach temperatures exceeding one-thousand degrees in minutes. Moisture and flavor get locked into grilled meats and seafoods. For lower heat barbecuing like chicken, ribs or roasts the infrared burner can be lowered and even exchanged for a canvectin "blue-flame" burner in seconds. This makes the infrared Solaire gas grill the mst versatile built in appliance on the market.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!