Miami Custom Grill Island and Backsplash.

Right on the bayside downtown Miami ocean.

This outdoor kitchen grill island is in Miami, Florida is one of the most popular images we have online. Since creating this grill island many homeowners have had us build the same backsplash for them. Some bigger, smaller, double arches and other variations but the persian gold tumbled marble attracts attention. The header arch and columns are not the same as the cast-crete foam you will see on other outdoor kitchen images. This grill island used a resin injection mold that is far more detailed than the standard foam molds we have used elsewhere.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image 11

I like this custom outdoor kitchen because it shows how a grill island can be only 7 feet long and still grab the eye and look as amazing as a giant outdoor kitchen and outdoor bar. The built in DCS gas grill has a lifetime warranty and grills beautifully as they are manufactured to commercial specifications. The doors and drawers are 304 stainless steel making them useful and warranted for life. All that is great but the thing everyone notices is the backsplash. The tumbled marble backsplash contrasts with amazing color and texture and makes a nice outdoor summer kitchen an amazing outdoor kitchen.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!