Custom Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Designs.

Sometimes the homeowner wants more than an outdoor summer kitchen and a bar....

Built the same way with the same materials we have also constructed many fireplaces, fire pits and entertainment units built as part of an over-all backyard design. Outdoors it is usually safer and simpler to use gas log fireplaces and gas fire pit inserts. Ventless gas log fireplaces are designed for safe use with little or no ventilation indoors so outdoor use means the design is the focus and a chimney or ventilation system does not drive up the price to levels that cancel the job.

custom empire fireplace design fireplace fire box

Top: Breckinridge vent free firebox by Empire Comfort. Drystacked ledgestone and precast marble custom fabrication.We built a nine-foot long custom outdoor kitchen and a sixteen foot wrap around double level bar at this home and everything matched the dry stacked ledge cultured stone used on the fireplace

Below:Rasmussen cs burner can be used in a vented fireplace or custom built into a fire pit. Large choice of valves are available for both of these fireplace burners. With NG this is an easy solution but with propane a safety valve and pilot assembly must be used. The alternative designs for fireplaces and fire pits are becoming very popular today. This island and firepit were built in 2007 and the home owner accepted the fire balls because they were a display and could be installed by the weekend. The fireballs turned out to be the main attraction at that weekends party.

custom firepit with outdoor kitchen
custom firepit dining table

Dining height table with a fire pit in the center can also be exchanged for an umbrella holding ice pan, a magma round barbecue insert and the solid piece of granite that was removed to allow for the fire pit can be replaced to use the tabls as a full size table. Crushed red glass provides a striking contrast that does not match or complement the granite and surrounding colors but looks attractive when the flame are on and when the fire pit of turned off.

custom firepit red fireglass

Another example of the Rasmussen cs burner like the fire pit with the fire balls above. This time we filled it with cranberry crushed glass on a match light system. This CS burner is fifty-four inches long making the total fire pit an enormous eight feet long.