Outdoor Kitchen with Built In American Outdoor Grill.

American Outdoor Grills by R.H. Peterson can be infrared or convection and can be both.

In the Florida Keys with the Atlantic on one side of the street and the Gulf of Mexice on the other an outdoor kitchen has to be either so big it is impossible to move or it has to be manageable for a trip to the garage. We delivered this custom grill island in a truck and just carried it around the house. The setting is amazing. As we grilled the first meal we were ooking out across the endless expanse of the Atlanti Ocean watching rain clouds crowd together and scurry across the skies iles and miles away.

Custom outdoor kitchen with an American Outdoor Grill built in to the grill island. We converted the convectin burner and installed an infrared burner for searing. The radius on either side leave additional space. While it is just a few inches on either side the counter top feels a lot "roomier" as a result.

The American Outdoor Grill by RH Peterson is very useful in today's economy. Peterson's Firemagic model of built in grills are some of the most expensive on the market. For the homeowner who wants all the bells and whistles (window-glass hood, remote control opening and closing, digital thermometer, solar panels) the Firemagic is worth every penny. However for the client who wants a simple grill with good materials, workmanship and grilling technology the AOG is about half the price of the FireMagic while being as good of a grill without the fancy details.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!