Outdoor Kitchen with Space For A Party.

Plenty of room for serving, eating, preparations and dancing!

Lots of built in accessories in this custom outdoor kitchen. In addition to the hybrid infrared gas grill there is a built in cutting board drawer, paper towel dispenser, bar caddy for ice and drinks, refrigeraton and several utility drawers. This grill island design offers a lot of counter space, seating and serving.

infrared built in grill island

We matched the texture and the color of the stucco on this outdoor summer kitchen to make it appear to have been built as a part of the original house. We also had a garden hose in the way, electrical outlets and plumbing on the house so we covered it all up with the cubby holes and made the electrical and the plumbing available inside the outdoor kitchen access doors. The garden hose is also accessible with an extension coming right through the wall.

Built in BBQ Grills
outdoor custom grill island bar for serving drinks

Sometimes the grill island doen not have a built in grill. A nice spot for mixing cocktails, though.

Built in accessories
custom outdoor summer kitchen with dcs built in grill and side burner

Single side burners are inexpensive enough that if they do not get used it is not a tragedy but if a hurricane knocks out the electricity for a few days, a side burner is worth more than a car.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!