Romantic Dining With a Smaller Grill Island.

South Florida Homeowners Grill All Year Long.

With one of the best built in infrared gas grills in the market, refrigeraton, comfortable counterspace and seating for two the outdoor kitchen turned a nice backyard into the most romantic room n the house. The veinage from the granite counter complements the backsplash while contrasting enough with the rust colored house to make this outdoor kitchen very attractive and a perfectly compact unit.

infrared built in grill island

We matched the texture and the color of the stucco on this outdoor summer kitchen to make it appear to have been built as a part of the original house. Various stone work complements the design and the pavers, even the coping of the pool. The built in gas grill is an infrared, infravection by Solaire capable of low heat smoking and sear grills over one thousand degrees.

Built in BBQ Grills
outdoor custom grill island with grill top built in bbq

Custom outdoor kitchen with grill-top built in gas grill and a bar caddy for serving drinks.

Built in accessories
custom outdoor summer kitchen and bar

Another compact outdoor kitchen design with room for grilling and an intimate space for bar top dining.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!