Alfresco Built In BBQ Grill in Wrap-Around Outdoor Kitchen and Bar.

Alfresco built in barbeque grill and side burner right on the Florida Intercoastal waterway.

Although this custom outdoor kitchen wraps around to make a lot of additional serving and seating space we kept the counter at 36" all the way around. Counter height alows a lot more serving space and does not have the limitations of a small backsplash cutting one half of the counter down. Staying at one level is more user-friendly and adds to the clean lines that make this unit contemporary and modern.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image 11

This client wanted the density, reliability and low maintenance of custom fabricated granite on their outdoor kitchen but they didn't like the look of granite. We looked at a lot of options and finally decided on this CaesarStone manufactured quartz product. Silestone and caesarstone are available in a wide variety of thickness and colors and are fabricated just like granite. The colors are more relaible and the lack of veinage means there is never a nine thousand year old weak spot just waiting for some tipsy guest to get on the counter to dance. The effect is a strong clean contemporary appearance with all the desirable traits of all natural granite.

Built in BBQ Grills
built in grill on a cart outdoor kitchen grill island

This counter both rises to bar height and stays at counter height for different space in the outdoor kitchen.

Built in accessories
outdoor summer bar top

Compact grill island with active electricity, built in grill by DCS and a refrigerator with small seating area at a bar height for dining.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!