Grilling, Serving, Seating; A Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Design.

This custom grill island covers all the important entertainment issues.

The built in infrared grill by Solaire is versatile enough to grill at temperatures over 1200 degrees and can get low enough to barbeque ribs for half a day. The drop in side burner is convenient for skillets and boiling water for all manner of servings. This outdoor kitchen has storage and fits a common wall found on many South Florida homes. This same wall is everywhere on homes and this design uses the sapce perfectly. Away from the built in BBQ grill and side burner is an insulated bin for ice and a refrigerator pleasantly placed near the seating for guests.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image with infrared gas grill

The texture on this outdoor kitchen grill island matches the texture and color tinting of the home so it appears to be a part of the original design. The tile complements the marble pavers and the pool coping for a great backyard design. Inside the serving space is open and spacious for the cook and there is a lot of bar height seating.

Built in BBQ Grills
built in dcs gas grill with little grill island

Built in Lynx gas grill in custom outdoor kitchen with bar height seating and serving area against a wall.

Built in accessories
outdoor summer grill island for balcony

Tiny grill island with bult in DCS gas grill for small balcony areas.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!