Large Custom Outdoor Kitchen and Full Bar Area.

Built in grill island with large area, infrared gas grill and full bar.

The back wall of the outdoor kitchen is seventeen feet long. The infrared gas grill by Alfresco is 56" and it also contains an ice machine, ul-rated refrigerator and keg-er-ator. This outdoor summer kitchen has electricity, plumbing and lighting running all through it and a matching fireplace with ventless gas logs that didn't fit in the picture.

This home was completely designed by the homeowners working closely with their contractors and they knew exactly what they wanted from the huge outdoor kitchen. The whole area is covered so seating and grilling in Florida is an all year experience. The 56" Alfresco is the biggest model made by the company with integrated side burners and infrared burners for moist grilling at high temperatures. We built in several sets of drawers and a trash drawer with the cubby holes to house the stereo system. Out vent runs straigh out the back wass to ensure nothing ever damages several thousand dollars worth of marble crawling up the walls.

Built in BBQ Grills
built in dcs gas grill with little grill island

Grill island radiates out for additional space.

Built in accessories
outdoor summer grill island for balcony

Tiny grill island with bult in DCS gas grill for small balcony areas.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!