Built In Charcoal BBQ and Gas Grill with Storage and Cooking Areas.

The cladding on the face of the custom outdoor kitchen is an archetectural foam indistinguishable from real Florida coral.

Alfresco built in gas grills and custom outdoor kitchen accessories are used in this summer kitchen. Only the built in charcoal barbecue is not from Alfresco gas grills. There is a thirty inch gas grill that comes with a smoker drawer and an infrared rotisserie burner. The double side burner range top is great for boiling sauces and water or skillets. Closer to the house is a teeney-tiny little sink. Although it seems too small to be useful most people only use the sink to rinse out a glass, wipe a spatula or wet their hands and a small sink is still very functional. Beacuse there are so many built in accessories the option was a small sink or no sink at all and this home owner really had to have running water. Below the sink is a rolling trash drawer that is removable so the plumbing is accessible.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image with infrared gas grill

There are 3 different materials on the countertop?! The custom fabricated granite counter top was used because it matched the granite slabs in the indoor kitchen just inside the glass doors and the ledge stone slate backsplash and the marble bar counter are the same materials used in the pool. The finished product materials bring together the colors, textures and materials from all over the visible backyard to further the appearance that the outdoor kitchen was part of the original house construction.

What is funny is I thought this was an awful idea. Looking at the image 6 months later I still think it looks strage to have three different materials on the counter top. At the time we manufactured this outdoor kitchen on site this home owner was scheduled to do some kind of home interior designer show for national geographic television. Perhaps the professional exposure should tell me I am wrong but it still seems strange. The built in barbecue island as a whole island looks incredible and I do love the fact that he has a built in charcoal barbacue, infrared gas grill and a range top built in side burner. The counter top just seems funny...

Do You Have An Opinion?
Majestic Grills on facebook shows this custom bbq island and we would appreciate your comments for or against the design.

Built in BBQ Grills
built in dcs gas grill with little grill island

Built in Lynx gas grill in custom outdoor kitchen with bar height seating and serving area against a wall.

Built in accessories
outdoor summer grill island for balcony

Tiny grill island with bult in DCS gas grill for small balcony areas.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!