American Outdoor Grill Built In Barbecues

Made by R.H.P. FireMagic but without the FireMagic Price Tag.

As FireMagic gas grills add more and more features the cost of a built in barbecue grill by FireMagic continues to climb above all the other high-end gas grill manufacturers. Swapable infrared burners, cast stainless convection burners, glow-plug ignition electrodes, remote controlled BBQ hoods, solar panels and digital readouts cost a lot of money. The American Outdoor Grills by RHP are the no-frills version but with all the important features in place. Stainless steel U burners can be easily exchanged for infrared burners and can be swapped in and out as often as necessary. The AOG barbeque grills also come with or withour a rotisserie kit and infrared rotisserie burner. The battery powered ignition modules are relaible and inexpensive to replace and the electrodes are the same igniters used by FireMagic for decades. For less than half the expense the AOG built in barbecue grills are a great alternative to the expensive FireMagic brand that still includes a lot of grilling space and the features that truly matter.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image with infrared gas grill

Although an awkward space, we are able to make a space that would otherwise be useless into the focus point of the backyard. Because we build all of our custom outdoor kitchens on site we can work with the odd angles and the original builders inability to make a level surface or a plum wall. When we are complete the outdoor kitchen counter top is level and our walls are plum. Look at the non-UL rated refrigerator in this custom BBQ grill island and you can see how bad was the area where we had to create artistic perfection. The thirty-six inch AOG built in barbeque grill costs less than half the same sized gas grill by FireMagic but both brands are manufactured in the U.S. by RH Peterson. The AOG gas grills are shallower than most built in barbecue grills and only need a nineteen inch deep cut out of the counter so the full depth of the grill island can be finished at twenty-four inches instead of the typical thirty inches which saves the home owner money in square foot materials and labor.

Built in BBQ Grills
american outdoor grill built in bbq

The AOG thirty and the thirty six both have three burner sections. Any number of the burners can be switched with an infrared conversion kit that comes with an infrared gas grill burner and igniter electrode.

Built in accessories
american outdoor grill 36 inch built in bbq grill

The 24, 30 and the 36 inch size models can be infrared or blue-flame convection. They can come with or without an infrared rotisserie kit. The AOG gas BBQ grills are available as built in barbeque grills, available with a do it yourself grill island kit and they are available as portable barbecues on carts.

This is the perfect Stay-cation Home Resort Improvement!