Built-In AOG grill in Outdoor Kitchen with Extra Counter and Storage.

We put together a few extra images showing the empty space that was under construction as we closed in the area around the pool with an overhang and screen enclosure. The grill island completes one side of the backyard space up against the house where it extends beyond the pool to the pizza oven.

newly designed separation where the outdoor kitchen will be built

After the cage is constructed to match the pitch of the deck the concrete board that is water and fire and freeze-proof becomes the wall of the island. Stucco, ledge stone, brick or anything else can attch to the concrete walls with a bonding agent. We used a dry stacked ledge stone and matched the siding on the house to stucco the inside of the cubby holes.

beginning of the structure from the cage

The custom constructed cage here is covered with concrete board. The cage has the finished product defined so the doors, refrigerator opening, cubby holes and even granite overhang is all part of the total structure. This is an extraordinary detail because the same materials can be used to build exactly the same structure by placing the cage together differently and the long-term ability of the island to hold its form and the legal definition of the island is completely diferent.

structure complete for template granite slab

In this image the heavy gauge steel frame engineered to resist moisture and weather and treated with a coating we manufacture a cage is the shape of the completed grill island. We covered the cage with the board and ledgestone. Once the stone is installed we can create a template for the custom fabricated slab of granite. The granite laminate will overhang the counter all the way around. The back-side of the bar area appears to be at counter-height but we left it that way because the floor drops exactly 6 inches. This way a bar stool can sit on the other side of the counter comfortable while someone standing is comfortable at counter height standing on the floor.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen and Bar with Single Level Overhang finished at Bar-Height.

Mobile Phone Image is not great because we installed late at night in freezing rain! Note the bar-top on the right side. From this side the counter top is comfortable at thirty-six inch counter height. From the other side the floor is lower so a person sitting on a bar stool is at the perfect height for sitting at the same counter. finished outdoor kitchen

Normally I do not like making the counter top a double level counter. These look attractive with the counter-height level then a six-inch backsplash ans then bar-top height for seating. It is much more usefull to keep the entire counter top at either counter height or at bar height but many clients like the height on this side comfortable for serving and comfortable for seating on the other side. We designed this outdoor kitchen so the outer wall runs right along the six-inch drop poured into the deck so the single level is both counter height on this side and bar height on that side.

Built in BBQ Grills
built in dcs gas grill with little grill island

Built in Lynx gas grill in custom outdoor kitchen with bar height seating and serving area against a wall.

Built in accessories
outdoor summer grill island for balcony

Tiny grill island with bult in DCS gas grill for small balcony areas.

The built in BBQ grill in this outdoor kitchen is a thirty-six inch American Outdoor Grill By RH Peterson who also makes RealFyre gas logs and FireMagic gas grills. The AOG gas grill is available as a portable rolling cart barbecue and as a built in grill and they come with or without the infrared rotisserie burner, motor, spit kit. A lot of customers like the AOG gas grill because they are very imexpensive compared to the FireMagic and other American made built in grills like Alfresco, DCS, Lynx and others. The AOG has the ability to be converted to infrared very easily, has electric igniters and is manufactured with the same high-quality materials as the FireMagic. Without the digital thermometers and bells and whistles that make the FireMagic so expensive the AOG is a solid reliable grill without the high price normally associated with American made gas grills with a life time warranty.