Custom Outdoor Kitchen With A Weber Summit Gas Barbecue.

Although Weber does have a built in barbecue kit available that is not what we used here. This outdoor kitchen customer already had the Summit when we met them. They liked the grill and just wanted some extra counter space. Instead of just building a bar we integrated the Weber gas barbecue so the grill could be used in the grill island. The inner opening is finished with stucco to match the house so the Weber grill can also be rolled to another location if preferred.

area before we built the outdoor kitchen island

This is certainly one of the more popular images that a lot of customers really like. The combination of dark textured stone and stucco plus the heavy texture of the different marble tiles is a fresh difference from the granite counter tops that seem so common. The bar top area has smaller decorative porcelain tiles cut into the counter top. We generally try to avoid marble on a counter top because the stone os so porous it is difficult to keep clean if not kept clean and well sealed.

area before we built the outdoor kitchen island

This is the area as we initially found it. The Weber Summit was left in the same spot but this is a cart-mounted barbecue designed to be rolled around as needed. Instead of buying a new built in gas barbecue we disconnected the side burner from the manifold, capped the manifold gas outlet and we removed the shelves. We built a finished opening in the counter top and structure so the Weber BBQ can just slide in and out as necessary.
Weber does make a built in Summit model available for outdoor kitchen construction. I just do not like them. The inner cage includes the access doors because the Weber control panle is not well-thought out for a custom grill island. Including the access doors and an internal cage remedies the control issues but the entire depth of the grill has to be built into the structure of the outdoor kitchen structural cage.

area before we built the outdoor kitchen island

This angle shows the grill better and we can also see the keg-er-a-tor, keg tower, and the drop in single side burner that replaced the single side burner drawer that was in the original Weber Summit design. The bar top over hang here is split so the inner counter is 36 inches and the other side is 42 inches for comfortable bar stool seating and/or standing. There is also a triple drawer insert and a cooler drawer insert that holds a igloo cooler inside.

The backsplash cap and columns around the marble is an architectural foam we had custom cut for this backsplash. The electrical access is completely covered up by the custom outdoor kitchen so we strategically added electrical boxes throughout the structure.

Built in BBQ Grills
same weber built in cart grill island new angle

Angled shot here shows the refrigerator that is actually a keg-erator and the drop in side burner next to the keg tower.

Built in accessories
looking straight into the island

Straight look into the outdoor kitchen area with the Weber barbecue on a cart in the counter top. We have found through many years of custom fabrication that this is the best way to use a Weber in an outdoor kitchen.