FireMagic Built In Barbeque Grill Island

Firemagic has been manufacturing gas grills for many decades and the company R.H. Peterson is considered one of the best outdoor applience manufacturers in the world. The island below is not very large but the equiptment is the best appliances and accessories money and imagination can buy. The side burner is a drop-in without a face plate which is useful and does not take up a lot of room for a not-so-often used appliance like a single range top. The cubby hole is an interesting addition to the outdoor kitchen design because this cubby is open all the way to the counter top. The tall cubby can be used for storage but the taller opening is usually built for trash cans and for coolers. See more below.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image 11

This large, amazing, beautiful outdoor kitchen is also using R.H. Peterson FireMagic gas grill appliances and accessories. This is truly an extraordinary design. The blue granite alone cost over forty thousand dollars. The Firemagic grill is one of the new Echelon series barbecue grills with all the associated features used on that model including hot-surface igniters, internal lights, the most effective hood design for manipulating temperatures and the hig-end fabrication and materials associated with Firemagic products. The drawers, ice cooler, power-burner, infrared built in side burner and bar caddy are all 304 stainless steel American made with life time warranty from the manufacturer.

blue granite outdoor kitchen firemagic buitl in bbq
Built in Doors

These firepits use liquid propane because in Florida we do not have a lot of locations with natural gas. LP gas has different rules and different types of valves because NG does not need a safety assembly that utilizes a thermocouple, safety valve and a pilot. When we use the Firemagic fire pit inserts the safety features come attached to the fire pit burner automatically. We also learned the hard way to add the custom wind vent to the open fire pit section because if the wind blows the flames to one side consistently it is possible to crack granite. The stainless wind barrier pushes the heat above the level of the granite counter top.

Built in accessories

As you'll see in the upper image of the outdoor kitchen the stone work matches the stone accents on the house and columns. We installed the stone on all the parts of this job so the actual stone would match but also the installation of the stone. This is important because a lot of clients that see a stacked stone wall or column are driving by a building and do not get close enough to see the inconsistencies in the grout or the gaps between the stacked stones.
Normally we only install the dry-stacked ledge stone but this house was partially started with this stone and we had to continue with the fire pits, columns and built in cutom outdoor kitchen so everythinf would fit together perfectly.

round fire pit with outdoor kitchen
rectangle fire pit with firemagic rhp outdoor kitchen