Three Island Outdoor Kitchen.

While a three island outdoor kitchen area may seem extravagent, in Florida we barbecue all year round, we eat and cook outdoors all year round and we entertain outdoors all yearvround. You can keep your snow!

This client had us built and outdoor kitchen with a 36" Infinity built in barbeque with a cutting board drawer, double side burner, access doors and a trash drawer. We also installed an outdoor vetning hood for smoke ventilation above the grill. There is also a double tier bar top for dining and that counter has an electrical warming drawer, paper towel roll drawer and a refroigerator. Across from the double tier bar top arer we built a recessed counter with an ice machine, another refrigerator and an outdoor sink.

outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image 11
outdoor kitchen built in barbecue grill image 11
This built in BBQ Grill has an infrared rotiserrie burner and heavy duty rotiserrie kit up top and an infrared sear zone at the grilling surface. Many customers are choosing the 36" built in bbq as a great size for a gas grill that is part infrared and part traditional convectional blue-flame heat.
  • Built In Accessories
  • Infinity 36" InfraRed gas grill.
  • Infinity built in double side burner
  • Trash can tilt-out drawer
  • Built-in cutting board drawer
  • 36" Double Doors for gas tank access

This is the third island which was built in to an opening in the natural wall of the home so the walls seem to have been designed for the bar. The sink, refrigerator and ice machine were toobig for such a small place and we had to use a small under-mounted sink and faucet that barely fit between the other appliances.