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Jacuzzi brand barbecue grills have approximately 22 model of barbecue grills across the country. Replacement bbq grill parts including cooking grids, burners, venturi, grates, angles and heat plates are available.

At its peak, Jacuzzi Brothers Inc. represented the achievement of the American dream. The family enterprise is remembered today as the beginning of the Jacuzzi brand of spas and whirlpool baths that still exist today. Although the Jacuzzi brand name has been bought and sold many times, the spas, hot tubs, sinks, showers, toilettes and barbeque grills have always been associated with quality American parts.

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Although Jacuzzi is best known for their hot tubs and spas the family company was founded almost a hundred years ago and makes a lot of consumer goods. Although Jacuzzi is probably the best recognizable brand sold they also own the hot tub with the best quality reputation in that industry, Sundance Spas. The company has also made toilettes, bidets, showers and, at one point barbeque grills.

Jacuzzi Models:

3000 series upfront, JC-2210, JC-3010-LPPC, JC-3010-LPSC, JC-3010-NPB, JC-3010-NPC, JC-3010-NPM, JC-3011, JC-3020-LPPC, JC-3020-LPSC, JC-3020-NPB, JC-3020-NPC, JC-3020-NPM, JC-3021, JC-4000 series post, JC-4000 series upfront, JC-4010, JC-4020, JC-4020-LPPC, JC-4020-NPB, JC-4020-NPC, JC-4020-NPM.
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In the early part of the 1960s, Jacuzzi Brothers, Inc. expanded their company and two plants were opened in Lonoke and Little Rock, Arkansas. The production of Jacuzzi spas did not move as part of the expansion. This aspect of the company stayed in California. Little Rock was the area where the swimming pool equipment, air compressors, barbecue grills and other equipment were manufactured.

The sale of Jacuzzi Brothers, who had international holdings as well as domestic, for $73 million in 1979, by the family to Walter Kidde, Inc. was the result of a family disagreement. This started a whole course of events that took Jacuzzi Brothers through several owners. Remo Jacuzzi is the son of Valeriano, one of the original Jacuzzi brothers who started the business in California. He stayed for two years after this sale as manager of the Little Rock division.  

Jacuzzi Brothers Inc. was founded in 1915 by seven brothers from Italy who immigrated to Antioch, California. The name, although synonymous with whirlpool spas and tubs, has also been associated with air compressors, swimming pool equipment, water pumps, marine jet propulsion units and gas barbecue grills.

In 1987, Hanson PLC., a British multinational corporation purchased Kidde Inc. which included one of its subsidiaries, Jacuzzi, for $1.7 billion. In the 1990s Hanson decided to sell many of the American companies it held to allow purchases of more British businesses. Although it was thought that Jacuzzi would be one that would be spun off to become an autonomous public company, it was instead part of 34 of the holdings that formed U.S. Industries in 1995.

U.S. Industries (USI) went through a series of transformations for modernizing these companies and in 2003, Jacuzzi Brands was adopted as the corporate name. By this time the name was one of the most recognizable worldwide.