Kirkland Barbecue Grill Replacement Parts

While certain models of the Kirkland, Members Mark, Sam's Club and Costco gas grills are American made with high quality stainless steel and long warranties, Most are not. When grill parts need to be replaced, imported barbeque replacement parts are not available through the Wal-Mart, Costco or Sam's retail stores because of the nature of buying imported products. These gas BBQ grill replacement burners, cooking grates, heat shields, briquette trays, ignitors, gas fittings, etc are fabricated by other barbecue manufacturers and, in many cases are much better quality than the original Kirkland grill parts.

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778627 - 463230703 - 720-0432 - CG107ALP - Front Avenue - SKU681955 - SKU738505 - SKU778627.
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Gas BBQ Grill replacement parts to repair Kirkland barbeque grills can be found here. If you do not find the replacement grill parts you need, please contact us or click the link above to search grill parts by brand. Try searching for the Kirkland grill parts within Members Mark, Perfect Flame, Nexgrill, Costco as these are all made together for the retailer.

Kirkland BBQ grills are manufactured exclusively for the outdoor living section in Sam's Club, WalMart and Costco retail stores. The barbeque grills are made for the retailer and private labeled to match the branding of Costco stores. For that reason, Members Mark and other BBQ grills use the same replacement grill parts as the Kirkland barbecues.