Lynx Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts for Barbeque Repairs

Lynx gas barbeque grills are considered one of the top 10 gas grill manufacturers in the world. With Lynx grills utilizing thicker gauge American made 304 stainless steel and American workmanship, Lynx replacement parts are rarely necessary. We do stock Lynx stainless briquette trays, burners and ignitors. Igniters and briquette trays are both very popular sellers. Please contact us with any questions.

Lynx Gas Grill Burners Lynx Briquette Shields Lynx BBQ Repair Parts

Lynx Models:

CS30 - L27 - L30 - L30PSP - L36 - L42 - L54 - L5430 - L54PS - LBQ27 - LBQ36 - LBQ48 - LCB1 - LCB2 - LDR18 - LDR21 - LDR27 - LDR30 - LDR36 - LDR42 - LDR54 - LIJ27 - LIJ30 - LIJ36 - LIJ42 - LIJ54 - LPSGE - LPSGEBKT - LPSGEKIT - LSB1 - LSB2 - LSB2PC - LSPGE.

Technical Lynx Grill Parts information regarding ignitor kits, installation, maintenance and functionality. A must-read for anyone who owns a Lynx gas grill.
lynx control panel bbq grill replacement parts
Lynx Gas Grill Burner Lynx Briq Shields Lynx BBQ Repair Parts
lynx igniter glow plug
lynx pro sear infrared burner

Install New Lynx Hood Thermometer lynx logo in brass on burner

Lynx gas BBQ grills are somewhat more expensive than a lot of other high-end gas grills with similar features like rotisserie, infrared conversion and life time warranty. Lynx is the only gas grill manufacturer who uses a 14 guage stainless steel in the manufacturing of all thier grills, accessories and parts. Most gas grill manufacturers use an 18 guage thickness of 304 stainless steel but Lynx uses a far thicker stainless steel for longer life spans and less pitting several years after purchase when some of the wear and tear begins to show