9 Volt BBQ Grill Module Test Video.

Do I need to replace the ignition module on my barbecue? We hear this question a lot. The igniter on a gas grill is an assembly consisting of several parts that can fail and can be replaced. Usually if your barbeque is not igniting the problem is the electrodes. The Electrodes are the miniature spark spugs inside the grill. The electrodes spark right next to the burners where the gas emits and ignites. The electrodes often get grease splatters, drops of sauce, marinades and dirt that gets in the way of a clean spark. Inside the grill it is easy to see the electrodes get dirty and no longer spark well.

Sometimes it is possible the module fails and the module has to be replaced. What we do to test the module is remove the module from the grill and disconnect all the wires. Put in a new 9 volt battery. Reattach the momentary switch and press the button. If the module and the switch are working the naked electrode spades will arc back and forth amongst themselves. If there is no spark disconnect the switch. Lay a screw driver or some other metal, non-coated tool across the spades that connect the switch in order to complete the circuit. See the video below.

If the naked electrode spades arc back and forth without the button then we know the button is the problem. If the module still will not arc with or without the button the module is bad. As a final test we can also hold the module to the side of the grill or some other raw steel surface to see if the module will arc against the metal. This is a simple part to replace and not terribly expensive. These tests will tell us if the electrodes, the wires, the connections, the switch or the module is responsible for the ignition failure.

Solaire infrared gas grills, Viking and Alfresco all use this 9 volt module in their gas barbecue grill models. Most battery ignition systems have used AA and AAA batteries for many years. The nine volt spark generator is much stronger and capable of sending power to heavier electrodes that will withstand more grilling and abuse.

The 9 volt module is installed in the front of the barbecue grill control panel towards the bottom because this way the round battery cover can be easily accessed for changing the battery. In order to replace the module the control panle does have to come off the barbecue grill but once the control panel is out of the way the electrodes unplug and the module usually only has one or two bolts holding it in the grill. This is a very simple grill repair job.

Always remember: The electrode spades have to be connected to wires. Even if your barbecue grill only needs 3 electrode wires connected the fourth electrode connection spade cannot be left naked. Attach an electrode wire to the male spade outlet and attach the wire to a ground. Usually the igniter syste is grounded where the electrodes both to the inner fire wall inside the grill. However, these surfaces get dirty and greasy and heat causes physical changes in the stainless steel that can weaken the ground. If it is possible to ground-out one of the module spades the spark generator and the entire ignition system will function better and stronger.

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