Olympia BBQ Grill Repair Parts.

Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts for Olympia Grill Repair and other barbecues.

These gas barbecue grill replacement parts can be used for barbeque grill repairs for most gas grills. Although every manufacturer has design details that are specific to their brand every barbecue is going to have a gas hose, a regulator, some forom of ignition module and an electrode. Here are a selection of gas grill replacement parts that are common for all makes and models of barbecue grill. Look at the design of your Olympia barbecue grill and select the replacement parts you need to repair your Olympia gas grill.

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20620 Universal gas BBQ grill ignitor kit.
Universal barbeque and gas grill ignitor kit includes ignition module and electrodes, collector boxes and wires. I have used this igniter kit on all makes and model of barbecue grills - even those without electronic ignitors. The module screws right through the control panes and easily installs on every grill.

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universal gas bbq grill ignitor
ignition details

universal ignitor bracket with collector box, electrode, insulated wire, and female connector compatible with most piezos. Fits all H burners, both cast iron and stainless steel. Mounts to burner using venturi screws. Slot allows adjustment of electrode position.

electrode details


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universal electrode fits all oval a h burners
electrode details

Universal control knob. Selectable D position for any valve stem size diameter (6mm or 8mm), and shaft length - flush, 0.25, or 1.625. Shafts can also be trimmed to desired length.
Includes six inserts and set screw. Fits any grill with inside bezel dia. greater than 2.1875.


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universal adjustable control knob
023433 Universal adjustable control knobs (2)is plastic made to look like stanless steel. This gas barbecue grill control knob replacement ships with 2 different sized inserts to fit different sizes of valve stem. Many valve stems are shaped like the letter "D" and at "OFF" the flat of the D is in different places. With these adjustable knobs the setting of the "D" can be inserted into the control knob so it will fit properly on any barbecue grill control valve. $11.49

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stainless looking adjustable universal control knob for bbq grill repair
80012 LP hose with QCC-I type one regulator. This hose and regulator attaches to your LP propane tank using the thick outer threads on new LP canisters with all the regulation safety features. Gas hose is two feet long. $36.49

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lp gas regulator and hose with plastic qcc connection fitting
80024 24" LP hose and regulator. This regulator has the older style POL attachment fitting. The regulator attaches to a LP propane tank container using the internal reverse thread that is on all the new style LP tanks with mandatory safety features. $33.49

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internal thread propane hose and regulator for new tank connections
80034 LP regulator with two hoses for side burner applications. Use this hose and regulator to connect the LP tank to both the barbecue and the side burner or range top. $47.49

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lp gas regulator with 2 hoses for bbq and side burner range connection lp propane
GH-3 Three Foot (3') extension hose with 3/8" flared female ends extends regulator and hose. Use to extend regulator hose, often used with built in BBQ grill accessories like LP tank pull-out drawer. $18.95

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gas grill extension gas hose
GH-12-SS Corrugated stainless steel gas line. Twelve inches long plus extra conversion gas fittings. This gas line can be bent and manipulated and is a very durable stainless material for running gas lines through a masonry wall, inside an outdoor kitchen island and coming off an in-line stub. Protect your gas line from dry=rotten rubber and inattentive landscapers with a corrugated stainless gas hose. Half-inch female flared fittings with 3/8 and 1/2 inch pipe conversions. $17.

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adjustable corrugated stainless gas hose
00821 Replacement regulator for Natural Gas Grill with 1/2 inch female attachments. Buy this regulator for NG bbq grills and if you are converting a barbeque from LP (liquid propane) to natural gas.
NG regulator ships with water filter for outdoor use. If you are using a in-line regulator like this there should always be a blue filter to block water or the NG regulator must be covered from rain. This regulator comes with the extra filter-weather cover. LP regulator allows gas at approx 11 inches of water column and natural gas regulators regulate gas at 2 inches water column.

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natural gas regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng

Olympia barbecue grills use briquettes to conduct heat. Most barbeque grills heat by slowly heating up the air trapped inside the BBQ hood. We light the barbeque and close the hood. After waiting fifteen minutes the air trapped in the hood is hot enough to put the food inside and close the hood back down so the hot air can surround the food and cook.

With briquettes the ceramic heats up during the initial warming up time so that by the time we lay the food on the cooking grates there is additional heat radiating off the briquettes. In addition to the hot air surrounding the food with the hood closed the radiant heat is grilling hotter right at the cooking grids. Dripping grease lands on the hot briquettes and vaporizes adding flavor trapped in the BBQ hood.

perfect grilled hamburgers on olympia barbecue grill