Olympia BBQ Grill Repair Lava Rock and Briquette Grids.

Gas Grill Lava Rock and Briquette Grates for Olympia Barbeque grill repair

Briquettes and lava rocks conduct heat to provide radiant grilling temperatures just below the cooking grates while evenly distributing heat across the barbeque grates. With briquettes or lava rocks hot and cold spots disappear and radiant heat speeds up cooking so moisture is maintained for more flavorful barbecued food.
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Item Description Price Illustration
90301 Olympia barbecue grill repair galvanized steel wire rock grate provides radiant heat by supporting lava rocks or briquettes for Olympia model 101 and 101DX. $28.

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galvanized lava rock briquette grtae for olympia barbeque grill repair

galvanized steel wire rock grate with indent design for olympia 303 barbeque model grill repair.


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gas bbq grill replacement parts for olympia barbeque grill repair lava rock briquette grate

galvanized steel wire rock grate replacement for olympia barbecue grill repair models 707 Canadian single and canadian double models.


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galvanized lava rock briquette grid for olympia bbq grill repair

Lava rock or briquette wire grid made of galvanized steel for olympia BBQ grill repair models 505 -- 525 -- 606 -- 505 canadian single model -- 505 canadian twin model -- 606 canadian single -- 606 canadian model grill repairs.


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briquette and lava rock for olympia and hardwick bbq grill repair

galvanized steel wire rock grate for olympia barbeque grill repair. Lava rock briquette grid desgined for Olympia grill repair model 401.


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galvanized lava rock or briquette grate for olympia bbq grill model repairs
41651 Pyromid Briquettes. 60 red pyramid shaped permanent briquettes. non-porous, retains heat longer with even heat distribution. Sufficient quantity for a full sized grill. $32.

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pyramid briquette for bbq grill models to conduct heat for grilling
45887 natural lava rock processed and screened for uniformity. 7 lb. bag is enough for most full sized grills. $18.

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lava rocks for conducting heat in many barbeceu grill repair models

Olympia barbecue grills use briquettes to conduct heat. Most barbeque grills heat by slowly heating up the air trapped inside the BBQ hood. We light the barbeque and close the hood. After waiting fifteen minutes the air trapped in the hood is hot enough to put the food inside and close the hood back down so the hot air can surround the food and cook.

With briquettes the ceramic heats up during the initial warming up time so that by the time we lay the food on the cooking grates there is additional heat radiating off the briquettes. In addition to the hot air surrounding the food with the hood closed the radiant heat is grilling hotter right at the cooking grids. Dripping grease lands on the hot briquettes and vaporizes adding flavor trapped in the BBQ hood.

perfect grilled hamburgers on olympia barbecue grill