Briquettes, Lava Rocks, Tiles and Rods to Conduct BBQ Grilling Heat

Briquettes, lava rocks, tiles, etc are generally used in well-made barbecue grills to conduct grilling heat at the grilling surface. Briquettes and other heat conductors are installed just below the cooking grates in order to radiate heat at the cooking grid to make a barbeque into a grill. In lesser-made barbecues heat conductors are used to spread heat in a fire box where the barbeque grill burners do not heat the area evenly. Each gas barbeque will use briquettes, lava rocks, tiles differently with different heat shields, briquette grids and flavorizer plates.

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Flat ceramic radiant use in several Turbo gas barbecue grills including Turbo Select models and Grand Turbo models. This item contains a package of four (4) ceramic tile radiants. Radiant sizes is 7 1/16 inches by 4 3/4 inches.


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gas bbq grill radiant tiles for grand turbo and turbo select replacement parts
41650 Replacement briquettes for Turbo heat shield briquette grid item 94751, above. 50 briquettes included. $50.

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gas barbeque grill replaement briquette for bbq galore turbo
41648 New ceramic briquette made specifically for Lynx gas bbq grill models. Gas barbecue grilling briquettes are natural in color and come as 48 pieces in a package. $65.

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new ceramic briquettes for Lynx gas bbq grill models

White hard Alfresco briquettes made by Alfresco for Alfresco come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. This is the white heavy briquette with the Alfresco "A" etched into the top of the briquette.


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alfresco gas grill repair parts briquette tray

White hard Alfresco briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. This is the white heavy briquette without the Alfresco "A" etched into the top of the briquette. These are designed to be the same size and shape to fit the Alfresco Briquette trays.


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alfresco briquette

Ceramic radiants dcs for even heat distribution and radiant heat at the grilling surface to achieve searing temperatures. The 8.5 inch radiant rods were used on some of the very early DCS models that moved away from lava rocks. The DCS-36D and the DCS-48-D models that ended with BQR and BQAR started with these 8.5 inch radiant rods. Later versions of the same models used the 9.5 inch radiant rods.


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dcs 8.5 inchradiant rods
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Ceramic radiant replacement 3 pack for DCS gas grills manufactured through the past ten years. DCS radiant rods conduct and augment heat for even distribution and searing grilling surface temperatures.

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dcs gas grill parts 9.5 inch radiants
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Pack of 10 ceramic radiants dcs conduct for even distribution and grilling surface temperatures. Porcelain rods are still functional of they are dirty. Rods only need to be replaced when broken. The goal is to absorb and radiate heat -- not look pretty. In lesser barbecues broquettes and lava rocks are used but the evenly spaced porcelain rods in a DCS collaborate to maximize heat distribution at the grilling surface.

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dcs gas grill parts 10 pack radiants
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This universal adjustable barbeque grill repair part replaces briquettes and briquette trays in any barbeque grill. This universal grill part kit contains four aluminized stainless steel plates eight inches by thirteen inches. The four heat shield plates can be assembled in any configuration of the four plates to fit any BBQ grill. Briquettes can be placed on top of this universal heat shield or it can be used to spread heat and deflect grease without briquettes or lava rocks. Your choice. Hardware, long holes, rasied bends and valleys is the stainless make the flavorizers easier to attach.


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universal heat shield adjustable for all grill repair
barbecue burners without briquette heat conduction

Weber and many other barbecue grill manufacturers do not use briquettes or any other kind of conduction layer. This kind of barbecue heats up the air trapped insoide the BBQ hood and the hot air surrounds the food to cook it.

briquettes and briquette shield in alfresco gas bbq grill showing pyramid replacement ceramic

Alfresco infrared gas barbecue grills also use briquettes above their stainless steel U burners that are not infrared. The briquette cause drippings to vaporize and allow the griller to add extra heat at the coking surface.

When the briquette grate is not able to be found by searching the brand, model numbersor by searching for the support grids by size and shape we also have adjustable grates designed to support porcelain tiles, briquettes and lava rocks. The universal adjustable grates can be adjsuted to fit most any barbecue grill model and size.

universal adjustable briquette grate