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A rotisserie basket can be used to clamp food onto a spit rod that will spin for even heat distribution and even barbecuing or grilling. The clamp basket is ofte used for barbecuing white fish that break easily when grilling and rotisserie baskets are also used often with vegetables. The larger rotisserie tumble basket also fits to a spit rod and is used with vegetables, chicken wings and thighs and with breaded foods that benefit from tumbling while grilling spun on the rotisserie spit rod.

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deluxe non-stick rotisserie tumble basket can be used to hold a roast or a chicken but often used to tumble vegetables, shrimp, buffalo wings, scallops and everything else normally too small or fragile to be grilled on the rotisserie spit rod. Leave the food in the 12 x 6 inch rotisserie grill basket accessory and watch it tumble around the spit rod barbecuing evenly.


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rotisserie tumble basket accessory
24774 deluxe non-stick chrome octagon tumble basket. Attaches to rotisserie spit rod for tumbled buffalo wings, fish sticks, chicken nuggets and lots of barbecuing fun.
The chrome-plated version of this basket is sometimes out of stock at the manufacturer and the non-stick porcelain basket above will be substituted when this happens unless otherwise noted.

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rotisserie basket
24785 deluxe non-stick flat spit basket. Attaches to rotisserie spit rod so larger, flat items can be barbecued with the rotisserie. Vegetables, steak, seafood and lots of items that are usually difficult or impossible to grill with the rotisserie become easy to rotisserie when clamped into this porcelain enameled rotisserie grilling basket. $27.95

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large rotisseire basket

Large coated steel flat spit basket 14 inches without the handle. Fits onto rotisserie spit rod. Chrome finished or porcelain coated (we stock both) rotisserie basket for non-stick longevity. This basket can be used for turning fish, vegetables and other delicate foods when it is not attached to the rotisserie spit rod.


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large rotisserie basket grilling accessory fits onto spit rod
60011 universal rotisserie mounting bracket. Fits most gas grills. Two Piece rotisserie motor bracket can be adjusted to a variety of depths and heights to fit most barbecues and rotisserie motors. Two bolts attach to the barbeque and the motor slide side can be adjusted any direction to keep the rotisserie motor supported level. $22.49

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universal bracket to mount rotisserie motor to barbeque grill

universal rotisserie mounting bracket. Fits most gas grills. There are three pieces and hardware with multiple bolt holes to allow variance between grill models. One part attaches to any style grill connection and then one or the other bracket is attached to fit the rotisserie motor type.


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universal rotisserie motor mounting bracket grill repair parts
60012 deluxe rotisserie replacement motor. AC motor with on/off switch; 6 ft. cord. rotisserie motor slides onto bracket on barbeque grill to hold spit rod. $43.49

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bbq grill parts replacement motor for rotisserie
60013 premium rotisserie replacement motor. Fits most standard style monting brackets. Most barbecues have the same size spit and the motor fits hundreds of barbecues. $119.95

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rotisserie replacement motor to add rotisserie to bbq grill

two deluxe 4-prong rotisserie meat forks clamp to spit rod to hold food tightly to spit rod. Without rotisserie forks clamped to rotisserie spit spitted food can slip around on spit rod and cook unevenly. Rotisserie forks hold food in place so barbecued food grills evenly.


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rotisserie grill parts replacement forks clamp to spit rod hold food

two deluxe 4-prong heavy duty meat forks for half inch diameter spit. These forks clamp to rotisserie spit rod to hold food barbecuing evenly. Thicker forks are for larger foods like roast, turkey, tenderloin, prime rib, etc.


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rotisserie heavy duty large forks for spit rod
60215 rotisserie counter balance. Fits both standard and large (half inch plus) spit rods. $25.

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rotisserie replacement counter weight to balance spit rod
60040 universal rotisserie kit. Includes CSA approved motor, 31" spit rod, 4 prong meat forks, instructions and adjustable mounting hardware. Fits most gas grills. $75.

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universal rotisserie kit to add rotisserie to any bbq grill with motor, spit, forks and adjustable mount kit
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Many barbecues that do not come with a standard rotisserie do have attachments that can be purchased to barbeque with a rotisserie motor and spit rod.

Adding a rotisserie to your existing barbecue grill or using the rotisserie that came with your BBQ can change what you cook, how you barbeque and what tastes great!
rotisserie octagon chrome non stick tumble basket

Replacement Grill Part by Dimensions
infrared cooking grates are concave to vaporise grease

Most of us have used or at least seen a rotisserie used and understand the idea of locking in moisture with even heat. Most often rotisseries are used for barbecuing whole chicken and turkeys and rotating the poultry in front of a burner.

Some rotisserie burners cook slow and keep moisture insde the food by rotating so that moisture cannot drip free and evaporate on heat shields below. Newer rotisserie designs use infrared gas grill burners to sear the outside of the foods grilling to lock in moisture and flavor

While not every barbeque grill is made with a rotisserie, most barbecue grills can add a rotisserie later in life. The rotissere is often used to provide an even distribution of barbecuing heat to food shaped in a way that makes it difficult to cook evenly. The rotisserie barbecues by rotating food on a spit rod mounted in a motor causing the food to spin before a burner.

In addition to running a spit rod through food to barbeque with a rotisserie, various rotisserie basket accessories are available. A rotisserie basket attaches to the spit rod allowing food to clamp tightly for rotating steaks evenly. A tumble basket clamps shut over the spit allowing chicken legs and thighs, fish parts and other smaller foods to tumble while cooking around the spit rod. Often these are breaded.

rotisserie kit to add a rotisserie barbeque kit to a bbq grill