Barbecuing and Grilling for Fun with Skewers and Shish-Ka-Bobs!

This is fun for parties or for getting the kids to enjoy barbecuing. Serving dinner on a stick is fun and I usually place it on a bed of rice. Skewers are great grilling accessories because the tool allows us to grill faster because vegetables and meat is diced into smaller pieces. Skewers also allow the mixture of juices and flavors while meats, fruits and vegetables all grill together. I suppose it is possible to barbeque shish-ka-bobs but I have never done so. I alway cook shish-ka-bob skewers as hot and as fast as possible. I also use a lot of sauces to get the flavors mixed. Some of these are disposable (like the bamboo skewers) and others are made very durable for usng over and over again like your other grilling accessories.

Part# Description Price($) Illustration
11060 10" bamboo shish-ke-bab skewers. Perfect for party appetizers with barbecued chicken with vegetables. 100 per package. $4.50

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bamboo skewers for barbeque grilling
14924 4 deluxe non-stick 17" skewers with stay cool spiral handles $9.49

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large skewer rods with stay cool spiral handles for safety grilling
40538 6 deluxe chrome plated 22" shish-ke-bab skewers with wooden handles. This is the set you keep for re-usable barbecues with the family. My kids use them for marshmellows, too! $14.49

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set of shish-ka-bob skewers with wood handles
41328 rotary shish-ke-bab set. 6 skewers. Attaches to rotisserie spit rod. Create great tasting shish ka bob skewers with out the laborious duty of turnng the food on the grilling surface. Really. Everyone has had that one piece of grilled chicken that just spins on the skewer rod when turned. Now let the rotisserie motor do the work. Set the timer and eat. $18.95

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rotisserie kit for shish ka bob skewer barbecuing
41338 shish-ke-bab set. 6 chrome plated 14" skewers with convenient folding rack. $16.95

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shish ka bob kit with metal skewers and fold away tray
63371 6 chrome plated 18 shish-ke-bab skewers $8.49

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set of metal skewers for repeated shish ka bob grilling

For a long time I could not get my children to get excited about eating from the grill. I love grilling, I use my outdoor kitchen much more frequently than I use the indoor kitchen. I love my children also but I could not find a way to love grilling and my kids together. Barbeque Skewers were the answer! The kids got a kick out of "skewering" the food and it looks different to serve their chicken and vegetables already cut up and skewered on a stick. They enjoyed pulling the food off the shish-ka-bob and onto the bed of rice I served under the meat-on-a-stick.

Shish ka bob skewers is a flavorfull way to mix up everyday dinner flavors and the whole family enjoys it.