Barbeque Wood for Smoking Great Flavor!

All of us made a decision at some point to buy a gas grill because it is so much more convenient to use the automation of gas. Push a button and the BBQ is on, turn the knob to get hotter ot cooler or off. However, the compromise costs a lot when it comes to the flavor of barbecuing food you intend to eat. Barbecuing with charcoal and wood smoke causes flavors to be absorbed that accentuate the food and we lose this with gas barbeque grills. Add a wood smoker box to your gas BBQ grill to add wood chips and flavor or barbeque on a wood plank sat right on the cooking grates for added smoky flavor.

Part# Description Price($) Illustration
00100 Flavor Wood Tray. Stamped steel, zinc plated, vented tray. Designed to release wood smoke continuously. 10.5" x 3" x 2.25". $13.95

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stainless steel wood smoker box for added flavor to gas bbq grill
00150 cast Iron smoker box. Designed to release wood smoke. 7.75" x 3.75" x 2". $15.49

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cast iron wood smoker box to add to any gas bbq grill for smoky bbq flavor
00200 Texas mesquite flavor wood chips. 800g. Mesquite is easily recognized for the faor use in barbeque sauces and popuarity in restaurants.Food barbequed with a mesquite wood chip usually has a strong, peppery aftertaste from the wood smoke. $6.95

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mesquite wood for adding smoky flavor to any bbq grill
00201 mesquite flavor wood chunks. 5 lbs. $9.95

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mesquite wood chunks for smoky barbeque flavor
00220 Texas hickory flavor wood chips. 800g. Wood chips are perfect for using with a smoker box like the ones abvove. Hickory is also very popular for smoking and is not as strong as mesquite. $6.95

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hickory wood chips
00221 hickory flavor wood chunks. 5 lbs. Wood chunks are larger pieces than the chips above. The larger wood chunks are perfect for charcoal bbq grills where the soaked wood chunks will be placed among the coals for smoking during barbecuing. $9.95

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hickory wood chunks for wood smoking barbeque
00280 Cedar grilling planks impart a delicious wood-smoke flavor to foods grilled on them. Great for salmon! 15.25" x 5.5" x 0.75". Western red cedar. Two planks per pack. $20.49

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wood barbecung plaks for smoky flavor

Are you Unhappy with the flavor created by your gas barbeque grill?

Add a cast iron or stainless steel wood smoker box and add wood chips to your barbeque chicken, fish even meat and vegetables. Wood barbeque is healthy and it adds great flavor to everything you barbecue.

Simply soak wood in water overnight.

The instructions say one hour but I have always planned ahead to ensure the wood does not dry out and burn. Add wood chunks to charcoal bbq grills or add wood chips in a smoker box to a gas grill to get great smokey barbecuing flavor.