Grill Toppers, Vegetable BBQ Trays and Grill Woks

Grill toppers are useful for barbecuing vegetables and seafood like barbecued shrimp and scallops because the small holes allow heat from your grill while keeping the BBQ surface flat and a grill topper will not allow food to get stuck or fall through the grids. A griddle is good to use with a traditional barbeque because a barbeque does not get hot enough to sear a steak at the grilling surface. A griddle can transfer heat in the material of the grill griddle to produce more heat than the heat conducted through the air trapped in the BBQ hood. Of cource barbeque griddles are commonly used for draining grease, and making eggs and pancakes. The barbeque grill wok works like the vegetable grill topper but angled walls allow barbecuing food to be "tossed" and stirred.

Any of these barbeque grill accesspeies will make barbecung more interesting, flavorful and fun.

Part# Description Price($) Illustration
91318 flat stainless steel topper $54.95

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stainless steel bbq grill topper for vegetable and seafood
96321 stainless steel wok topper for stir-fry barbecuing on any bbq grill cooking surface $48.95

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stainless bbq grill wok
97121 deluxe porcelain coated grill topper. 11" x 14" with handles. $22.95

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porcelain enameled bbq grill topper
98121 deluxe porcelain coated wok topper. 12" x 12" with handles. $24.95

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91652 cast aluminum griddle $56.95

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aluminum griddle for every bbq grill cooking surface
57360 traditional steel chinese wok with handle and spun aluminum lid $32.49

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bbq grill wok made like traditional chinese wok
98130 deluxe non-stick wok topper. 11" in diameter with chrome handles. $19.95

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barbecuing and grilling wok for stir fry grill
26028 non-stick rib and potato rack $17.95

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potato and rib rack for holding barbecuing food in position
26029 Porcelain steel wire rib and roast rack $36.95

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rib rack for barbecuing ribs and roast rack for barbeque roast, shoulder, pork but and more.
41333 Chick-Can roasting rack. Holds holds a can of beer or other liquid to infuse a chicken with delicious flavor while cooking. heavy 304 stainless steel wire with heat resistant welds. $19.95

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beer can chicken support holds chicken upright and beer can fits inside

Beer can chicken is one of my favorite things to barbeque. I also do beer can barbeque on Thanksgiving with the family turkey. I usually defrost and rub with spices the day before the barbecuing. Pour out half the beer in the can to create a basting sauce mixed with the dry rub from the day before the BBQ.

Place the beer can in the chicken and use the remaining beer and dry rub sauce under the skin. I usually barbecue at 185 degrees and depending on the size of the chicken or turkey we barbeque for many hours useing all natural charcoal and wood like pecan, apple and hickory.