Perfect Flame Cooking Grate Replacements.

There are literally thousands of barbecue grill cooking grates available in various sizes, materials, textures and sections. Many barbecue grill brands do not have replacement parts available so our job becomes matching up existing parts to match the dimensions of the necessary repairs. Below we have several BBQ grill cooking grates that have been successfully installed into Perfect Flame barbecue models. Some grids are sold individually and many come in sets of two or three. Check dimensions and contact us with any questions.

Item Description Price Illustration

Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate with glossy finish. Replacement grid set is three pieces and each grid section is almost 20" deep and slightly over 11 inches wide for a total width of apprximately 33.25 inches.


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set of three grilling grates

Set of three stainless steel grilling grates designed to replace grids in Perfect Flame gas barbecue models.


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set of three replacement cooking grates

stainless steel wire cooking grid replacement for barbecue models including Perfect Flame grills.


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stainless steel cooking grate

Porcelain coated set of cast iron cooking grates with gloss finishing. Set of grates are 19.25 inches deep and 24.75 inches wide with both grids pushed together.

Cooking Grate Details and Pics

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two cast iron cooking grates

cast iron cooking grids matte finish coating looks more like raw cast iron. Perfect Flame replacements are 19.25 inches deep and come with two grids for a total width at 15.5 inches. Each of these two grid sections is 7.75 inches wide.


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cast iron matte finish coated grids

cast iron replacement cooking grids for barbecue grill models by Perfect Flame. The protective porcelain coating has a glossy finish on grates with a total depth at 18.75 inches and total width of approximately 29.5 inches.


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perfect flame cooking grate replacement for bbq grill models

Protective coated cast iron cooking grids have textured matte finish that looks more like cast iron while still protecting the iron oxides from weather and grease. Three-piece set of grates are 17.75 inches front to back and is just over 31.25 inches wide. These grids were designed as a replacement set for Perfect Flame BBQ models.


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three piece set of replacement grilling grids

Gloss finish porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids for Perfect Flame barbevcue grills models from Lowes. These pitched grates are 17.75 inches deep and come as 2 grates the are 11.5 inches wide each for a total of 23 inches of width.


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two piece set of cast iron replacement cooking grates

cast iron cooking grids perfect flame. This replacement grid comes as 2 pieces with an overall measurement of 17.75 inches deep and 26 inches wide.


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cast iron cooking grate replacement 2 pieces

As shown in this cast iron cooking grate detail the matte finish is still a protective coating for the cast iron but looks like raw iron. Castings can also have interesting forms added to make the grates convex to vaporize greases. or to support the grate off the edgee of the fire-box to keep grates from sitting in greases in the barbecue.

gloss finished grilling grate

Porcelain coated cooking grates with a glossy finished enamel seem to have a thicker protective coating but the coating is just different. Sometimes these can be simpler to clean because of the less porous surface. The material below can be steel or cast iron but cast iron will conduct heat more effectively and will allow for ledges and shaped forms that make the cooking grates more effective.