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Replacement Regulator For Portable BBQ Grill TableTop Models.

Although there are a lot of portable barbecues in the world theree are not many portable regulators with control valves integrated into the design. The portable regulator valve that we stock is designed to be used with a lot of different portable barbecue grills and is practically universal in its ability to be mounted in so many varieties. Most barbecues allow the regulator valve to install by screwing to the side of the fire box or attaching to the burner. This regulator valve can do either and can be extended longer and shorter as needed.

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Adjustable regulator is made for portable table top grills. Regulators includes on/off, high/low valve and dispences propane directly into the gas grill burner.
This does not fit every portable barbeque but may need to be manipulated to fit a lot of models. Contact us with any questions.


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grill parts bbq regulator table top with orifice
portable bbq regulator valve with orifice

Portable BBQ Regulator Valve

Portable barbecue grill models generally integrate the control valve and the regulator as one item. There are many different portable table top barbecues and most dont have a particular replacement regulator valve replacement for repairs This regulator valve replacement is designed to be useful with just about any kind of installation. The brass fitting to mount to the burner venturi is threaded to attach to the gas burner or to the wall of the barbecue.

The threaded tips allow the orifice end to be screwed to the regulator or used with an extension pipe in between the regulator and brass orifice fitting.

orifice attached to table top valve and regulator

The controls on the regulator valve are on the control knob so we can adjust the barbecue temperature with the control of the regulator. Inside any regulator there is a spring that puts pressure on a wall of an area where gas flows. The amount of pressure from the spring makes this room bigger or smaller which allows more or less gas to flow through the regulator.

The control knob on the portable table top replacement regulator allows the gas pressure tension to be adjusted to control the flow of gas while cooking so temperatures are adjusted by affecting the flow of gas.

The tip of the optional orifice fitting is shown here. This fitting can be threaded to the regulator valve or it can be attached to a gas line between the fitting and regulator using a gas pipe or a compression fitting with a copper or aluminum gas line that can be bent to any direction as necessary.

regualtor extension and new orifice regualtor extension options for all bbq grills

Using a series of attachments we can use just about any length of gas pipe to install the orifice in the grill

We can also use any orifice we may need to get the flamme pattern and BTU setting.

The threaded tip on the orifice is designed to mount to a hole in the side of the barbecue. However, it is going to be rare the threads and size are the same for all barbecues. However by placing a nut on one side of the barbecue structure we can still use the threading to tighten the regulator to the side of the barbecue and then extend the tip to the venturi and air shutter of the burner. In this way this regulator valve can be retro-fitted to any portable barbecue grill.

Sometimes an extension or a union may be necessary to change directions or stretch in the BBQ to the burner venturi tube but the portable regulator makes this very simple to figure-out.

If you require extensions or unions Let Us Know and we will get some for you to use with your portable gas barbecue grill.

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Adjustable regulator is made for portable grills. Regulators includes on/off, high/low valve and dispences propane directly into the gas grill burner.


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grill parts bbq regulator table top with orifice

Female-to-female union one-eigth female pipe thread union adapts gas pipe to gas pipe or to the end of many hood orifice valve threads.


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female to female gas pipe thread 1/8 union

Male-to-male extension one-eigth male pipe thread pipe extends gas line or control valve to the end of many hood orifice valve threads. Your choice of 3 inch, 2 inch or 1.5 inch long.

Male pipe 1/8 inch measures 3/8 inch diameter with a ruler.


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male gas pipe thread 1/8 extension
portable regulator using original orifice

This universal regulator for portable table top barbeque grill models can be used with or without the included orifice and with or without pipe thread fittings and varied unions. Many table top BBQ models need this extension to deliver the orifce to the burner and to mount the assembly so nothing comes loose while using or transporting the grill.

regulator with burner

We can adjust the regulator to be any length or size and attach any mounting hardware as needed. We have even attached different orifices to be able to lock the burner to the regulator when there is not a way to attach the regulator to the side walls of the table top portable barbecue grill.
If we need to attach anything to the orifice or the gas regulator always pressurize the gas line and check for leaks.

Portable regulator valves are designed to attach to small propane cylinders but can also thread to an extension gas hose to attach to a full sized liquid propane tank like a full size gas grill.

regulator gas cylinder attachment
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