ProChef Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Burner Assemblies.

ProChef gas barbecue grills have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur but those BBQ grill owners with original ProChef grills will be repairing them for long term usage! These original BBQ models were designed to specifications common for their time and are not advanced or fancy compared to modern gas barbecues but the ProChef was simplicity and simple will usually last a very long time with very simple maintenance. These are easy gas grills with very long lifespans.

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Replacement stainless steel double H burner fits many Pro Chef barbecue grill models. Double H burner with double venturi tube assembly is controlled with 2 valves accessing right and left sides of the burner.


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double stainless steel h burner replaces prochef barbecue models

Replacement 19.5 inch stainless steel burner for many Pro Chef barbecue grill models.


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stainless steel replacement double h burner

Replacement 16 inch long cast iron burner pro chef model barbecue grill models.


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burner and venturi for prochef bbq grill model

Cast iron replacement burner and gas venturi tube assembly kit for many Pro Chef gas BBQ grill models.


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cast iron double h burner repair prochef bbq model

Single control cast iron replacement burner assembly with adjustable carburetor attached for Pro Chef gas barbecue grills.


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prochef single cast iron replacement burner grill repair parts
profire stainless steel gas bbq grill professional model barbecue

In Olden times cast iron was extraordinarily popular because cast iron conducts heat much better than any other type of material. Cast iron is also very inexpensive as a material -- although heavy to ship! Unfortuately cast iron is a lot more prone to rust than aluminum and stainless steel.

performance model profire 30 inch gas bbq grill

Although a single control H burner and a double controll H burner can be the same size, the double venturi H burners are divided in half inside the burner so one valve controls the left flames and the other control valve ignites the right side of the burner.

prochef cast iron double h shape burner

Burner installation instructions.