Cross Over Burners Allow Flames To Ignite Other Burners.

Cross over burners install perpendicular to the main barbecue grill burners because cross-over burners are not designed to augment heat while grilling or barbecuing. Crossover burners are part of the gas BBQ ignitor. As the ignition lights the fuel in one burner the flames are able to use the cross-over burner to jump to the next burner because of the fuel emitted from the ports of the next burner. As long as naked ports are leaking fuel without flame, the fire will crossover to the fuel and use the ross-over burner between each main grilling burner to ensiure full ignition.

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spud orifice for weber gas bbq grill valve

Check Hex-Head Diameter

In the side burner range images shown on the left and right and center of this lower part of the page we can see Two Different Weber Side Burner designs.

The design in the schematic below has a 3/8 inch hex-head-diameter orifice located in the tip of the control valve.

The side burner design on the right side of this page shows the current side burner used in All Weber models for the last 20 years. This orifice is accessible from the top of the side burner. This current side burner uses orifice 88815 which is 9/32 inch hex-head diameter. Side Burner. Lift off the grate, the round black heat shieled and the cast aluminum side burner burner and we can access the 88815 gas orifice. Weber side burners also use this same orifice.

Convert the Weber side burner to LP propane or NG natural gas. Side burners 20 years ago have the orifice in the end of the control valve -- orifice 88332. Newer side burner designs will have the round burner on top which lifts straight up and off the burner and the 88815 orifice is right on top, easily accessed.

older weber side burner conversion to LP and ng

The gas line attaches to the manifold which is simply a pipe that fills with gas and has the control valves attached so the valves can draw gas from the manifold pipe. The tip of the control valve that slides into the burner is the orifice. The orifice has a small hole drilled in the tip. The size of the hole in the orifice determines whether the barbecue will burn LP or NG and what BTU setting will burn.

weber side burner parts schematic for fuel conversion

Side burner schematic above is used in current Spirit and Genesis models but has also been used for about 20 years.

Drilled Orifices Cannot Be Returned.

natural gas and propane orifice holes drilled

Convert the Weber side burner on the left side by changing orifice 88332 located in the tip of the control valve. Convert the newer side burner shown on the right side of this image by lifting the round disc to expose orifice 88815. Check hex-head-diameter to be sure.

convert weber side burner to LP or NG