Table Top Burner Replacement For Portable Gas Grills

This burner was originally designed to fit a variety of portabe barbecues that could be carried camping, tailgating or anywhere. Often called table top barbecues portable BBQ grills usually have a valve that is also the gas regulator for the burner. This burner is designed to fit a wide array of different models because it is adjustable three different ways making an extraordinary range of sizes to fit.

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Replacement burner is adjustable to fit portable table top barbecue grills by several manufacturers.

Replacement table top portable burner

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charbroil portable table top replacement adjustable burner
Replacement table top portable burner

This replacement burner is completely adjustable for use with a large variety of barbecue grill models. The venturi tube can be moved where it attaches to the burner to switch sides and to make a greater or shorter connection from the burner to the control valve and regulator. The venturi tube itself also slides in and out with a sealed adjustability to connect with the venturi tube longer or shorter to the burner. The tip of the venturi can be used like a traditional barbecue grill burner with an adjustable air vent or can be used with an included tip that is threaded and adjustable.

Although this burner can be used as an Oval burner in a lof of gas barbecue grills the design is made for table top portable barbecues. There are many different types of table top regulators for portable appliances. Most regulators for portable BBQ grills will be set up for propane and attach to either a standard five gallon tank or a one pound portable tank cylinder. These regulators that are also control valves usually either stick into the side the BBQ to slide into the burner venturi tube or they are threaded to screw into the burner and the side wall of the grill.

This burner will do either, both and will do it from many variable distances.

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threaded regulator for portable grill

This image shows an example of a portable grill regulator with a valve that threads into the barbecue and possibly threads into the actual bbq burner.

portable grill regulator with orifice and installation clip

Another option for portable barbecue grills has a clip to hold ther regulator to the barbecue. This valve and regulator has a small brass orifice attached to the end of the aluminum casting of the regulator. The regulator clipped to the grill and or to the burner venturi tube.

Portable or Table Top BBQ Adjustable Replacement Burner. adjustablke burner at longest position

This replacement burner is stainless steel and well manufactured for use in a variety of barbecue models. The small portable barbecues use these burners designed to adjust to fit many different grill models. The venturi tube can be adjusted so only a tiny section of venturi tube sticks out from the burner and the tube extends 4.5 inches from the venturi tube for a longer attachment. Gas grills that have portable regulators have a controlled regulator that attached to the gas line or the gas bottle. The high/low settings on the regulator attach to the grill or to the burner depending on the type of portable regulator. If the extra extended venturi tube is not long enough there are two holes in the burner for the venturi tube attachment. The venturi tube can be moved to the other hole in the burner if it is needed.This adjustable burner can be used with any of these.