Replacement BBQ Grill Handles

Although the handles that are available would fill dozens of pages these are a small grouping of handles that can be used on a wide array of barbecue models. Some are universal and some are adjustable to different sizes. If the handle you need is not listed let us know at so we can locate it for you.

Part# Description Price($) Illustration
01100 front lid handle $25.

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replacement front lid hood handle for bbq grill repair

Replacement universal front lid handle made of wood and adjustable as wide as 24 Inches.


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universale adjustable hood handle for bbq grill repairs
25950 Hardwood lid handle $19.

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dcs built in grill parts refrigerator

The older model DCS gas barbecue grills used heavy cast iron burners. The casting of the burner included supports thatsupported the stainless steel heat shields that supported lava rocks. Lava rocks radiated heat to add heat at the grilling surface and lava rocks also ensured there would be not hot or cold spots at the cooking grate surface. The heat shields were made with 304 stainless steel and - in theory - should last forever. However, built up grease will eventually cause rust and corrosion.

dcs built in grill parts kegerator

The DCS 26 inch gas barbecue grill was the only DCS gas grill model that did not use some kind of conduction material to augment heat. The 26 models had stainless steel U-shaped burners and a stainless steel heat plate above each burner. The heat shield in the DCS 26 models was wavy like a series of "W" shapes making it different from the other DCS heat shields that were used as briquette supports, lava rock trays or porcelain radiant rod trays.

DCS appliances started making gas grills and were tremendously popular because no one until DCS had made true outdoor products made to last decades in harsh weather with American made 304 stainless steel materials. Once the grill models were recognized as the best in the world the grilling technology also improved to match the reputation.

installation specification showing all dcs 27 bbq grill parts

The heat shield radiant trays in DCS gas BBQ grills are designed to radiate searg temperatures without infrared technology. Instead of using lava rocks or briquettes the DCS design built in porcelain rods that locked in to stainless steel trays that mounted just below the grilling grates. The rods heat up and radiate heat at the grilling surface adding temperature to the heat trapped in the closed barbeque hood. Typically, a DCS outdooe gas grill can reach temperatures exceeding 900 degrees because of the radiant tray design.