Gas BBQ Grill Module, Spark Generator Replacements

Spark generator modules can be used with a wide variety of gas bbq grills.

From the original piezo ignitors that gave a click with every button push and evolving through the advanced glowing carbon radiation glow plug ignition systems that can light a grill in a hurricane, here are the spark generating modules to get grilling again.

As BBQ grills get older it is not uncommon for a design to go extinct. However, igniton assemblies of parts are much simpler than they seem and the ignition can Always Be Easily Replaced. If you are unsure, Contact Us with any questions.

Part# Description Price($) Illustration

push-button piezo plunger with external grounding prong and mounting nut. Grounding prong may also be used to conduct charge to a secondary electrode in grills with a side burner.

This may be the most used igniter module in the world of grilling! Hundreds of thousands of Weber models have this ignition and dozens of other models all used this same piezo with the mounting nut to hold the igniter to the control panel.


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push button piezo ignitor module and installation nut

push-button piezo plunger with three electrode plugs. This igniter module was very popular in the original Ducane barbecues where two electrodes were controlled with this one piezo button and the third outlet was used as a ground.


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push button ignitor replacement with 3 piezo outlets

Replacement rotary ignitor with single outlet to fit Ducane, Profire, DCS, Lynx and many hundreds of other gas grill models. Module installs with 2 small screws in control panel and has a single outlet for electrode to plug into.


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single rotary module installs to control panel of any bbq grill

Mechanical piezo rotary ignitor with two outlets to connect to two electrode wires or one electrode and a ground. Ducane, Profire, DCS and many other grill models use this piezo rotary spark generator.


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rotary ignitor 2 spark replacement ducane dcs tec and more gas grill

Piezo rotary ignitor with three outlets can be plugged in to 3 electrode wires to send sparks to three different electrodes from one turn of the knob. This module has been used on most brands of barbecue at some time.


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rotary bbq grill ignitor with three outlets

Universal battery powered ignitor for Many BBQ Grills with AA battery ignition. Battery is under the button so the ignition module is attached to the front control panel.

Module has 4 outlets to connect up to 4 electrodes.


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battery module 4 spark ignitor replacement

Replacement module for any gas barbecue grill ignition system. All-In-One battery powered AA ignitor module has 2 outlets and can be connected to any one or two electrodes for any barbecue ignition system.


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universal grill repair bbq igniter module

Replacement ignitor spark generator with 6 electrode connection brackets.

This ignition module can be made to work with any barbeque that has a hole in the control panel or by placing a hole in the control panel. A nut under the button holds the module box to the control panel and the AA battery is under the button which unscrews to replace the battery.


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battery module 6 six spark ignitor replacement

Replacement ignitor spark generator module Uses A Momentary Switch, Trigger, Button, or MicroSwitch.

Module has 6 spades in back But 4 are outlets to connect up to 4 electrodes. The other 2 spade connections are for the switch which will trigger the module.

The battery cover on this module is Not a button like the others listed here. This module is designed to be installed anywhere on the BBQ grill and the button can be connected from anyplace to cause ignition.


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spark module ignitor replacement uses button

Replacement 4 spark module uses 9 volt battery and switch. There is a separate button mounted in the control panel. Use this module in the 36 inch, 30 inch and 26 inch gas grill models that need a 2 spark or 4 spark igniter module by DCS and OCI and others.

OCI Ignition Details


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replacement 9 volt 4 spark ignitor module for oci gas bbq grill model

Replacement 9-volt battery powered spark generator ignitor module used in barbecue grill models like DCS, OCI, OCS, Turbo and many more.

Nine volt module has 6 outlets designed to control up to 6 Ignition electrodes. Two larger spades connect to a momentary button and, in other models to several automatic momentary switches simply plugged into wire connections.

Ignition Details

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oci replacement module for 6 electrodes 9 volt

DCS, Dynamic Cooking Systems ignition module with 8 eight outlets for eight electrodes to plug into. This is good for the 48 inch models with side burners, rotisserie, smoker and grill burners that use 8 electrode igniters. Button installed into control panel wires to this models. Nine volt battery (not included).


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dcs module with 8 outlets for eight electrode connections

Gas barbecue module for Lynx gas grill models. Module mounts to hold a nine volt battery. Button/switch connects to this module and Lynx igniter electrodes connect to this module.


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lynx nine volt igniter module

Replacement electric module spark generator for Capital barbecue grill models. Battery plugs right into module. The nine-volt module has 2 male electrode spade plugs and 2 larger male spades for the button wires.

Module Details and Testing

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spark generation module
Module Details and Testing

Ignitor module replacement for Capital Professional models. The nine volt battery wires connect to the module and then connect to the momentary button mounted in the control panel. Module has 4 outlet connections to connect up to 4 electrodes in the grill.


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nine volt battery ignition module for capital bbq grill

Ignition connection attaches nine volt battery to the ignition module and the momentary button.


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nine volt battery ignition module for capital bbq grill
88131 Lynx 4-spark module for barbeque grill ignition. The power pack battery attaches to this module that then has 4 tabs to attach 4 electrodes to ignite as many as 4 burners in a Lynx professional BBQ grill. This gas grill ignitor module can be used for multiple grill models to light up to 4 burners including the infrared rotisserie. $50.

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4 spark module for lynx professional gas bbq grills

9 Volt Quickliter 2 Spark Module
This is the newer module design. The 9 volt battery screws up into the module from below the control panel. Two spades allow for 2 igniter electrodes to be controlled from this module. The ignition button is mounted in the control panel.

Test Your Grill Module Video

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replace 9volt module with 2 outlet

9 Volt Quickliter 4 Spark Module
Same as above with 9 volt battery but this module has 4 spades to connect 4 or less electrodes. This is used on the 27 GXL models with a rotisserie and on the 30, 42 and 54 inch barbecue grill models.

Test Your Grill Module Video

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ignitor module 9 volt for alfresco, viking, solaire

Push button replacement for Solaire 9 volt ignition system. The 9 volt module is wired to this button mounted in the control panel as a momentary switch that starts the ignition sparking. Newer model Solaire infrared gas grills use the nine volt module with this button switch.


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solaire ignition button

Alfresco momentary switch. The top boot unscrews so the back is easily pushed through the control panel and when the triangulated boot screws on it holds to the control panle tightly. This switch can be used with any ignition module that has its own power source.


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alfresco igniter button and igniter wires called a momentary switch

Lynx metal switch for lights or ignition controls. Momentary switch installs with threaded throat like a toggle switch. Tighten the nuts on either side of the control panel to tighten the switch button to the fron of the bbq grill face.


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metal switch for lynx gas bbq grill controls

Hard plastic button cover for Viking ignition switch.

Viking Igniter Details


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button cover on ignition switch
Viking Igniter Details

This is not a momentary switch but an equivalent button used on boats. The benefit is heavy-duty constructions with all brass and stainless constructio that will not break or wear out on a barbeque. We use this to screw through the control panel. When pulled out the module sparks continuously until the button is pushed back in.


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marine all metal ignition button
20610 universal push button ignitor kit with electrode and wire. This gas bbq grill igniter is the most commonly used module and electrode to light your grill. From Weber, Lazyman, DCS and hundreds of import barbecues everyone has used this piezo module. $25.49

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ignitor replacement kit with 
            electrode centro, ducane
IGEB-3 Universal 3 Spark gas bbq grill ignition module. AAA battery screws under button and nut hold module to control panel with 3 attachments for using up to 4 ignitor electrodes together. Less than 3 can also be used by grounding unused electrode attachments. $28.00

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universal spark generator 3 prong bbq grill ignition module

Universal 4 Spark gas bbq grill ignition module. AAA battery screws under button and nut hold module to control panel with 4 attachments for using up to 4 ignitor electrodes together. Less than 4 can also be used by grounding unused electrode attachments.


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universal spark generator bbq grill ignition module

Replacement electric all-in-one spark generater module. Two outlets -- connect two electrodes or an electrode with a ground. The nut under the button holds the spark generator to the front control panel so only the button is outside the barbecue grill control panel. The button unscrews to access the AAA battery without removing the entire module.

Module Details and Testing

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spark generater all in one universal module
Module Details and Testing
2100226 Battery holder and button attaches to gas barbecue grill igniter module acting as a power source and switch for the gas grill ignition system. This item was used extensively by Solaire, Alfresco, Weber and others. $20.

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grill repair battery holder button ignition for module

Old style 2 spark module. 1.5 volt gas barbecue grill module was used by Lynx, Solaire, Alfresco, OCI, DCS, Turbo, BBQ Galore, Nexgrill, Grand Hall and many other barbeque grill manufacturers.


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alfreco igniter module 9 volt starter
6058R Old style 1.5 volt 4 spark module ignitor module has 4 spades to connect 4 electrodes for four burner bbq grill burner ignition. This older style module has a separate button that usually contains a battery. These modules were made for use by Solaire, Alfresco, DCS, OCI, Lynx, Turbo, Nexgrill, Grand Hall and others. $59.00

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alfreco igniter module 9 volt starter

Weber models ignition kit for the new Genesis and Spirit gas barbecue grills built since the big change at the end of 2007. The new electrode with the ceramic collector box is included with the Weber ignitor kit.

If you need the kit with the old electrode and stainless collector box just purchase this kit and then email us so we know to change it for you.


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weber battery module electrode genesis spirit

Ignition assembly kit for Genesis 300 series model barbecues. Ignitor kit has module with button and 4 electrodes with color coded wires for easy installation. Genesis models from 2011 and newer with up to four front-mounted control valves use this kit.

Genesis Ignitor Details.

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weber ignition kit spirit genesis bbq
Genesis Ignitor Details.
universal ignition electrode

IG6370 Universal BBQ grill igniter electrode can be bent or cut to spark with any gas barbeque grill. Many of the electrodes above can be replaced with this universal ignition electrode.

The perpendicular mounting bracket can be used parallel or can be bent to any angle just as the long steel tip can be clipped and be nt as needed -- if needed -- to spark and ignite any burner once installed.

universal electrode fits all oval and h burners

IG470 -- Univeral electrode and collector box with electrode wire is made to work on most gas grills. Certainly any H style burner but most barbeque ignition systems can work with this adjustable electrode. Collector box protects the ignition whle attaching to a wall, bracket or burner and grounding the battery electric ignitor installed anywhere.

The electrode in your gas barbeque grill is like the spark plug in a car. The power goes from the ignition module to the electrode and sparks. Some electrodes will spark against themselves, others against the gas burner and many spark within a collector box. The collector box also allows gas to accumulate where the spark occurs and it protects the electrode from grease. Many occasions, when a client contacts me to repart a damaged or faulty BBQ igniter electrode the problem turns out to be a dirty or rusted collector box ir the electrode itself is dirty or rusted.
ignitor electrode collector box