Replacement Barbeque Grill Mounting Posts

Charmglow, Fiesta, Kenmore, Arkla, Embermatic, Falcon and many others barbeque grill manufacturers used to make gas grills with mounting grill posts. Grills mounting on in-ground posts used to keep the regulator and valves attached within the post. Today very few BBQ grill companies make in-ground or deck-mount models. MHP and Solaire still make post mount grills but these gas grill replacement parts are for older grills whose mounting posts need to be repaired or replaced.

Part# Description Price($) Illustration
88P1 Replacement mounting post for BBQ grill mount. 3 inch diameter x 48 inch tall. Black replacement barbeque mount post is Black, steel post, no internals -- valve and regulators are sold separately -- and made to fit Charmglow JAK, AMK, TNK, HEJ Series 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 8260 with one access hole cut-out. $90.00

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grill post mount fits charmglow models jak, tnk, hej, amk

Replacement BBQ grill mounting post. 3 Inch diameter. 24 Inch tall post replacement. Barbecue parts replacement used in Charmglow, Brinkmann, Arkla, Falcon and other very old, original barbecue grill models mounted on posts.


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charmglow grill repair parts mounting post

3 Inch diameter. 9 Inch tall post. Barbecue grill mounting post with holes for control valves, shut-off valve and control knob installation. BBQ mounted with posts include Charmglow, Arkla, Amberlight, Falcon and others.

This 9 inch post has been discontinued. Current inventory is the very last of these that can be sold!


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charmglow mounting post grill parts
88P3 Barbeque grill replacement mounting post 3 inch diameter X 48 inch tall. Black steel post, no internals -- valve and regulator sold separately -- fits Charmglow CC & CC-1. 2 access hole cut-outs. We have also used this post to install some Falcon post-mount model barbecues. $99.

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grill post mount fits charmglow cc & cc1 replacement grill parts
88P4 Replacement BBQ grill post 4 inch diameter X 48 inch tall made to fit Arkla barbeque grills and Sears brand barbeque grills Single valve burner and Dual valve burner models. Black steel barbecue grill mounting post, no internals. $125.

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grill post mount fits Arkla, Enbermatic, Sears replacement grill parts
PLT Replacement BBQ grill post Cover with 3 holes fits P-4 and P-5. $23.

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mounting grill post front cover with three holes
36162 Mounting bracket for valves. Made to fit Falcon barbecues and post mount barbecues with valve 36100 and 36200. $14.

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valve mounting bracket
038200.vlv.17 This mounting bracket is used in post mounted barbecue model gas grills. Within the post the control valves need to be attached to stay still when used. The original design had a regulator that bolted through the post but that regulator is not available. This cast aluminum replacement block for the regulator has front mount fittings and is threaded top and bottom to complete the attachment of the gas line and the control valves attached to the post. $34.

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replacement post-mount bbq valve attachment replaces regulator
solaire infrared gas grill installed on a deck mounted or in ground post
mho gas barbecue grill on an in ground barbeque post

Other than on the Solaire infrared gas grills and the MHP barbecues we do not see a lot of newer gas barbecue grills with deck mounting posts and in ground posts any more. This design seems to be disappearing. In a backyard that is using portable liquid propane tanks it is difficult to use a barbecue mounting post because there is no cart to hold the canister. In the areas of the US where natural gas is prevalent the in-ground post and the deck mounted post are more popular because the gas shut off valve and the gas line are hidden making the gas valve in a safer position than on a cart installation.